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Geographic Information System Approach - Research Proposal Example

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This work called "Geographic Information System Approach" describes the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) in investigating how social services are employed in community-based interventions. The author outlines the role of technologies, special models, and methodology. …
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Geographic Information System Approach
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Extract of sample "Geographic Information System Approach"

Download file to see previous pages To achieve these objectives, the authors devise two evaluation questions:
1. What is the geographic distribution of Community-Based Homelessness Prevention Program (CHPP) participants in relation to the distribution of the risk of homelessness and the location of homelessness prevention sites? (p.26)
To be able to answer these questions, the authors gathered their data from the management information systems of CHPP and Philadelphia’s, focus city of the study, a centralized public shelter system which is called Office of Emergency and Shelter Services (OESS). Information obtained from the databases were then entered into a GIS system for analysis. The results of the study show that amalgamating the data from the databases into a single geographic-based system, greatly benefited social workers and administrators. Benefits from the system include the capability to oversee how frequent the services are being availed, the ability to evaluate the degree of conformity of program centers to the recommended community-based program model, aid in deciding strategic locations for program centers, and pinpoint neighborhoods that have the highest needs.
The paper was able to establish that combining traditional databases with a more advanced system like GIS benefits may be yielded that are worth the investment. Although the system may have some limitations and may not fully answer all the questions regarding homelessness program implementation, information extracted could direct administrators to a clearer comprehension of the factors surrounding the implementation process of the community-based programs. It is also a good point that the authors illustrated that technology alone is not enough to achieve their goal. Technology should be used in combination with other methods to be able to attain the needed results.
The author aims to explain Geographic Information Systems in terms of Marshall McLuhan’s theories of media. McLuhan’s theories are presented in four questions that a researcher could use to guide him in the research process. The approach proposed by McLuhan was used by the authors in their case studies which focus on the utilization of GIS systems; it is called the tetradic approach. This approach helps the authors explain the impact of a GIS system in terms of social, cultural, economic, and political factors. The tetradic approach also shows that GIS is a multifaceted system that cannot be simply categorized as bad, neutral, or good. The case studies conducted by the author also support the thesis of the paper that GIS is a form of media. This is because GIS is a tool used to convey resolution for geographic troubles experienced in different situations.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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