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Natural Hazards in my Community (Abbotsford) - Essay Example

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The essay "Natural Hazards in my Community (Abbotsford)" focuses on the natural hazards that are likely to impact the Abbotsford community and include flooding, earthquakes and volcano hazards. The local government has developed the program to enhance preparedness and response to natural hazards…
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Natural Hazards in my Community (Abbotsford)
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Extract of sample "Natural Hazards in my Community (Abbotsford)"

Download file to see previous pages The natural hazards that may impact Abbotsford community include earthquakes, flooding, volcanic hazards such as landslides, ash falls volcanic mudflows. Abbotsford enjoys a mild climate, and the natural hazards are possible risks that do not occur often. There is the risk of the natural hazards occurring in Abbotsford, and, therefore, the community should be informed of their possible occurrence. Being informed is important as it results in appropriate disaster management and mitigation efforts. Abbotsford community may experience flooding due to Fraser River breaking its banks. Exceedingly warmer weather in the interior of British Columbia can cause melting of huge quantities of snow formed during winter. As snow melts, it flows into the Fraser River resulting in water levels that are higher than normal. Abbotsford is likely to experience snowmelt floods because it is located in the heart of Fraser River Basin. An increase in temperatures caused by global warming will lead to melting of snow formed on the mountains in British Columbia, which trickle down the basin as floodwater. In 2007, residents of Abbotsford were warned by emergency planners of possible flooding owing to the melting of winter’s massive snowpack. In 1999, water levels in Fraser River reached flood stage and impacted communities and homes. The most recent catastrophic flood in the Lower Fraser River Basin occurred in 1948 leading to damage of thousands of homes, evacuation of thousands of people and additional economic damages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Natural Hazards in My Community (Abbotsford) Essay.
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