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The Purpose of National Risk Assessment in Romania - Research Paper Example

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This paper is going to talk about some of the ten risks that have the potential of facing. Some of the identified risks have been categorized into four. Risk assessment and the analysis of the hazard are internationally accepted as important steps in the identification of different challenges…
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The Purpose of National Risk Assessment in Romania
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Extract of sample "The Purpose of National Risk Assessment in Romania"

Download file to see previous pages Romania is located on the South East of Central Europe. It borders the black sea between Ukraine and Bulgaria. The country which is 92,043 sq. miles in area size also borders Serbia, Hungary, and Moldova. Romania has a population of roughly 20 million with a temperate continental climate. The country’s largest city, Bucharest is the sixth largest city in terms of size and population within the European Union. Romania is within the traditional territories of the former Roman province of Dacia. It was formed in 1859 via a unique personal union of the principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia. The new state which is now Romania gained independence in 1877 from the traditional Ottoman Empire. The economy of the country is anchored on services and production of different electric energy and machines with some of the key companies being OMV Petron and Automobile Dacia. Currently, the country is regarded as an upper-middle income with a super high human development index. Despite the continuous growth in the country, there are a number of challenges and risks that the nation faces that it should deal with to see a continuous growth of the economy and cohesion amongst the people. The year 2003 was exceptional when viewing from a climatic point. Most of the part of Europe was affected by drought with the regime of inadequate precipitation and high temperature. In this year, the maximum temperature that has been highly recorded in history was exceeded. In England, 38.10C was recorded while Germany and France recorded 40.40C (Mara & Vlad, 2007). The regime of drought occurred quickly and harshly. The southern part of Romania experienced the most droughts due to lack of precipitation, lowering of the groundwater table, a temperature that is high and increased river drought. The combining effect of hydrological and metrological drought caused soil drought which resulted in extreme drought at the local level. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Purpose of National Risk Assessment in Romania Research Paper.
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