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Census Koreans in LA - Research Proposal Example

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The history of Koreans trace back to the 1900s when the first immigrant wave arrived. Another wave of immigrants arrived in the 1930s and the demographic continue to soar to date…
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Census research Koreans in LA
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Extract of sample "Census Koreans in LA"

Census research on Koreans in LA in 1900-1950 The United s is a nation born of immigration comprising an assorted ethno-racial population. The history of Koreans trace back to the 1900s when the first immigrant wave arrived. Another wave of immigrants arrived in the 1930s and the demographic continue to soar to date with the Census Bureau indicating that California is the state with the largest number of Korean Americans in the US (Min 67).
Information retrieved from the annals of the United States Census Bureau indicates that California is presently the state with the largest number of Korean Americans. This population continues to enlarge since the historic immigration into Bunker Hill two decades in the wake of the 20th century (Theme 98). Bunker Hill is in present-day Los Angeles. Then, this region was designated for non-whites and ethnic minorities were allowed to reside during the first two decades of the century. Earliest Korean immigrants into the US had domestic and casual jobs, which involved hard labor in manufacturing and other operating plants. The Korean community migrated into geographical territory covering the region from Vermont Streets and Normandie. This area is the present-day Korea Town, California.
By the 1950s, Los Angeles received the second wave of ethnic Korean immigrants from the Korean War. This population combined with the descendants of the first-wave immigration influx of the 1900s and the demographics began to soar amid rising birth rates and continued intermarriage interaction with other races. Most of the Korean population worked as truck drivers, waiters, and domestic workers for most of the 20th century (Gives 87).
Present demographic statistics indicates that Korean Americans living in California account for 18.5 % of the entire ethnic Korean demographic in the United States (Min 67). Los Angeles County is home to over half a million ethnic Korean – demographic includes intermarried and those of interracial identity.
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Census Research Koreans in LA Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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