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Should the U.S. take action to halt North Korea's nuclear weapons program - Research Paper Example

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(Name) (Instructor) (Course) (Date) Should the U.S take Action to Halt North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program? Should the U.S take action to halt North Korea’s nuclear weapons program? PRO: The U.S should take action to halt the South Korean Nuclear Weapons program because… 1…
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Should the U.S. take action to halt North Koreas nuclear weapons program
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"Should the U.S. take action to halt North Korea's nuclear weapons program"

Download file to see previous pages 4. The radiation released from attacks against nuclear weapons facilities could kill thousands and be deadly for years to come. 5. The North Korea will become part of the community of nations. Cons: No the U.S should not take action to halt the South Koreas Nuclear Program because……….. 1. It will leave the smaller countries such as North Korea defenseless since it is the world’s only superpower. 2. Failure in reconciliation between the two Koreas 3. The U.S.A will end up being seen as a weak nation: running away from a challenge. 4. It could worsen the existing humanitarian situation in South Korea. 5. This will trigger vulnerability causing the other nations to develop their own nuclear weapons program. It is thought that if the USA takes action to halt the nuclear weapons program then there will be a reduced probability that those weapons of destruction will be sold to terrorists. This is because the developers will choose to sell them to the highest bidders who may as well be terrorists.i This will only be increasing the chances of attacks and generating more insecurity. Again since it is clear that the North has the full capability of developing their own destructives, the USA is posing as destruction and if the USA falls out of place then they will remain at will liberty to develop as much mechanism as possible. As the United States takes action to halt this program it has in consideration the security of their citizens. In coming into the process it is trying to enhance and offer its citizens with the protection with which it is charged. If it calls off its efforts then the country’s security will remain at stake and become more vulnerable. The efforts also help to control the amounts of radiations released in the process. The radiations are extremely harmful and can lead to deaths of many.ii Once the USA halts its efforts then the relationship between the two states will forever remain uncertain and the North Korea will lose its chance of becoming a part of the community of nations. This can only be achieved through negotiations of six parties which have time and again been held. Through this joint party the USA can be able to lead the others in disabling the Process The United States of America is the only form of super power. Its main responsibility is to intervene whenever any state is exposed to threats. Back from the time of cold war to the current war against terrorism intervention has proved to be Americans Foreign Policy. The state has the responsibility of preserving the liberty of others, protecting virtual national interests and ensuring consistent international stability. The prevalence can be backed by the case of America intervening in the NATO-lead-peace keeping mission in Bosnia. If the United States fails to protect the inferior states then it will leave them in a distress and helplessness. Although for sometimes the South Korea perceived the USA to be an obstacle in attaining the reconciliation between the two Koreas, this has however changed with time. The USA is willing to give support to the South in any way, from the transition to democratic politics that is aimed at bringing remarkable changes.iii The States has great influence on the South and this has leaded them to drop the previous assumptions of it being a liability. The North Korea seems to have a very big failure, when it comes to the aspect of policies it uses. It becomes even more mixed up with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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