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Assignment 3 - Research Paper Example

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The social dimension is associated with the security, health and integration of the migrants into the local population. This social responsibility of the refugees befalls the…
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Assignment 3
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Explaining Migration. The major dimensions of an international migration field are the social, political and economic ones. The social dimension is associated with the security, health and integration of the migrants into the local population. This social responsibility of the refugees befalls the country hosting them. The country that hosts them also needs to devise ways to integrate the migrants into their local population to ensure that they are not discriminated in any way or excluded from any country-related activities (Gupta, 2007). This is especially if they are legally accepted. The political dimension of immigration comes in when the immigrants’ stay is of a long-term nature. The national government may be required to facilitate their participation in the civil and political life of the nation. This dimension would be in the lines of involving them in discussions regarding policies that may affect their stay in the country (Moses, 2006). The national government may even include them in voting activities. The economic effects come in a variety of ways, both long-term and short-term. Receiving countries may address skill shortages and at the same time, this may result in a burden to public welfare and a decrease in domestic wages (International Labor Office, 2010). The sending countries benefit from receiving remittances from the work performed by their citizens while abroad.
If we considered North-North migration patterns in 2013, statistics show a significant number of migrants moving between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. A total of 3.5 million migrants moved to Ukraine from Russia and another 2.9 million people move to the Russian Federation from Ukraine. This massive influx of migrants from these areas may be due to a variety of factors including political instability caused by civil unrest and differences in policies employed to counter these scenarios. In comparison with other migration fields in the south, the migration pattern between these two countries shows the largest mutual flow between any other countries as of 2013 statistics. This pattern is shown evidently by the graph below.
Many of these migrants moved in search of a better life, and since the conditions keep on changing in this part of the world, they end up in constant movement from one place to another. They may also move in search of better economic prospects that their country of origin may not have been able to provide. Hence, the migrants’ movement would improve their standards of living. Apart from economic benefits, these migrants may have moved in search of better education. These two countries offer competitive studies in their respect but are tailored a bit differently with conditions that may be different. Ukraine has suffered several cases of civil unrest in the recent past, disrupting education in the process and forcing those who are keen on pursuing their studies to move to Russia. This results in a massive influx of people into the country, and after their studies most of them opt to continue living and working in Russia. They then send a positive message back home about Russia leading to an influx of people.
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(Assignment 3 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Assignment 3 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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