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Earth day - Essay Example

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Earth day is a day characterized by an environmental movement geared to protect the environment around. The day is commemorated on April 22 and it entails…
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Earth day
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Extract of sample "Earth day"

Earth Day Earth Day As the largest civic event in the world, earth day bears a very significant influence in environmental protection. Earth day is a day characterized by an environmental movement geared to protect the environment around. The day is commemorated on April 22 and it entails activities that aim to bring the prevalent environmental issues so as to trigger appropriate corrective measures (Earth Day Network). At a time that there is rapid pollution of the environment, the day is used to highlight the effects and raise awareness about the consequences of the pollution on the environment.
Earth day serves to broaden the support base for the protection of the environment. By focusing on the negatives of pollution, the day triggers the development and support of programs that can reduce pollution (McNamara and Gordon 17). Collaborative efforts in communities around the world are observed on this day all for the concern of the environment.
People around the world can be instrumental in helping the earth regain its environmental profile as it was before the increased pollution. Each person has a moral responsibility of engaging in activities that do not cause pollution to the environment. Additionally, a person can volunteer to take part in a community initiative to protect the environment such as planting trees or conducting public awareness rallies. Essentially, the options to contribute to earth day are limitless. Each person can make a difference by being an advocate for the environment either at home or at work. Employees can community environmental friendly business practices to the management as a way to participate in the environmental movement.
Earth day is a day that cannot be downplayed. While it encourages awareness of environmental issues and activities to prompt positive change, the initiative should spread beyond that single day.
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