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Seoul City - Essay Example

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This essay "Seoul City" focuses on the largest city and the capital of South Korea. Additionally, it houses the Seoul Capital Area which is arguably the world’s most metropolitan area with a population estimated at 25.6 million people (Taylor). Besides, it is surrounded by magnificent mountains…
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Seoul City
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Seoul City
Seoul City has undergone a massive phase of urbanization within the last forty years. It resulted in a rapid increase in population as well as an effect on the economy. Seoul City is the largest city and the capital of South Korea. Additionally, it houses the Seoul Capital Area which is arguably the world’s most metropolitan area with a population estimated at 25.6 million people[Tay93]. It is the home of major world bodies such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Hwaseong Fortress, Changdeok Palace, Royal Tombs of Joseon Dynasty, Namhansanseong and Jongmyo Shrine. Besides, it is surrounded by magnificent mountains, the tallest being the Bukhan, ostensibly the world’s most visited national park. Other scenic sites include the world’s longest fountain- the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain[Tra14]. The rapid industrialization, urbanization and the economic boom of Seoul City is embroidered in the term the ‘Miracle on the Han River’[Tra14]. Therefore; this paper will discuss the aspect of the ‘Miracle on the Han River’, its effect on urbanization of Seoul City as well as the economy.
In the contemporary world, Seoul City is considered one of the leading and rising global cities with an economic boom. ‘Miracle on the Han River’ was a term coined after the devastating effects of the Korean War. It is interesting to note that a costly war would be a step ladder towards economic growth. Ostensibly, the Korean people learnt how a conflict can paralyze the economy of a country. The term is a representation of rapid industrialization, urbanization, economic boom, education boom, technological advancement, skyscraper boom, a rise in living standards and modernization. This culminated in the successful hosting of the 1988 Summer Olympics Championship. Additionally, Seoul City co-hosted the 2002- FIFA World Cup. Consequently, the country transformed from the near destruction of the Korea War into globalization and democratization. The city is celebrated as wealthy, developed with sound economic viability and exerting a global economic influence[The132]. Currently, it boasts of prominent multinational companies such as Samsung, Hyundai-Kia and LG.
More specifically, the term refers to the economic growth of Seoul city through which River Han flows. It is fascinating to note that it is termed a ‘miracle’ as it represents the economic rebirth of the country between the periods 1961 to 1996. Initially, the country was crippled by the Korean War that saw an escalation of poverty levels and unemployment rates. Interestingly, in less than four years, Seoul became a global city, a highly developed economic hub, center of business and commerce. It opened grounds for technological advancement and the development of communication infrastructure. Currently, the inhabitants consider the opulence as national pride as well as a symbol of self-sufficiency[The132].
In summary, the ‘Miracle of the Han River’ captures the urbanization, modernization and the economic development of the Seoul City. It is representative of South Korea’s rapid industrialization post the Korean- War. Seoul City is considered the world’s most metropolitan city and is the home of major world bodies such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nevertheless, it was fascinating to learn about how the city attained its economic, industrialization and global status.
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Seoul City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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