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Research - Assignment Example

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It is an approach whereby evidence obtained from clinical research is to be promoted over unsystematic nursing experience, intuition, and path physiology. Although definitions and descriptions of the term may change…
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Research Proposal on Evidence-based Nursing Practice Introduction Evidence based nursing is a new approach in medicalprofession. It is an approach whereby evidence obtained from clinical research is to be promoted over unsystematic nursing experience, intuition, and path physiology. Although definitions and descriptions of the term may change and be diluted over a time, the basic understanding remains simple; it is the practice whereby information that is relevant and valid is used to arrive at decisions related to nursing profession, practice which is evidence-based has gained much momentum with definitions varying widely. Research findings, clinical knowledge, knowledge resulting from basic science as well as opinion from expert are all regarded as “evidence” (Drake and Goldman 32). Practices that are based on research findings, however, have high chances of resulting into outcomes that match the desires of patients across different settings as well as geographic locations.
Research Problem
The challenge for evidence based practice is caused by the pressure from health care facility due to containment of cost, larger availability of information, greater sway of consumer regarding care and treatment options. This kind of practice demands some changes in students’ education, more research which is practice-relevant, and a working relationship between researchers and clinicians (Drake and Goldman 38). Evidence-based form of practice also brings an opportunity for nursing care to be more effective, more individualized, dynamic, streamlined and opportunities to maximize clinical judgment effects. When there is reliance on evidence in defining best practices but not for supporting practices that exist, then nursing care is said to be keeping pace with recent technological changes and benefits from developments of new knowledge (Drake and Goldman 49). Although many young professionals have embraced this new approach, it has come with its challenges. A number of research studies have indicated that perception of nurses towards EBP is positive and they regard it useful to better care of patients. This research will critically analyze the barriers towards full acceptance of EBP.
Research Design
This will be a descriptive research design. Qualitative research does not, by definition, aim to precisely estimate population parameters or test hypotheses. However, most qualitative projects do attempt. This design was identified as the most convenient and ensured that the data obtained gave answers to the research questions. Descriptive design also offers the opportunity for a logical structure of the inquiry into the problem of the study. According to Walsh descriptive surveys are good at providing information and explanations to research questions (45).
Methods of Data Collection
In this research, survey questionnaires were used as a means of collecting data. The questionnaire was formulated by a team that consisted nurses and professionals from information technology department in the university. Also, great deal of consultation was given to research survey instruments that have been used by previous researchers in the same subject. For this matter, the questionnaires that were previously issued tackling data seeking behavior and information needs of nurses and other medical practitioners were also given considerable weight in review. Review of draft copy of the questionnaire was conducted to ensure the contents were valid (Walsh 34). This was performed by a group of experts consisting nurse researchers, lecturers of information studies, registered nurses, nursing managers. Some few changes were made to that effect.
Sampling Technique
This research covered a population size consisting of all nurses in the state. However, a sample will be selected and presumption made that the sample will reflect the features of the entire population. In this research, cluster sampling technique was used. Under this method, a number of clusters were made and questionnaires issued randomly.
Data Analysis
Data was first edited to identify and eliminate errors made by respondents. Code numbers were assigned to each answer of survey question followed by the coding and listing of the frames obtained from the field. Coding is expected to organize and reduce research data into manageable summaries. Both qualitative and quantitative statistics were used to analyze the data. Quantitative data was analyzed using mean, percentages. Qualitative data will be analyzed based on content analysis using analysis tools such as SPSS and Excel.
Ethical Issues
Approval was obtained from the office of the Chief Medical Officer and a go ahead granted on the understanding that the respondents were aware that filling the questionnaire involved their giving informed consent.
Works Cited
Drake, Richard, & Goldman, Herald. Evidence-based Practices in Mental Health Care. Arlington, VA, American Psychiatric Association, 2003.
Walsh, Wigens. Introduction to Research Methods. Cheltenham, Nelson Thornes, 2010. Read More
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Research Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5.
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