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Comparison of culture between european sports such as soccer and north american sports such as baseball/hockey - Essay Example

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The cultures have transformed over the years to become some of the most viewed sports games in the world. North American football underwent modifications to stay in…
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Comparison of culture between european sports such as soccer and north american sports such as baseball/hockey
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Extract of sample "Comparison of culture between european sports such as soccer and north american sports such as baseball/hockey"

Download file to see previous pages Men are the dominant team players when clubs are scouting for new players across the globe. The players compete at international levels who have spread the soccer gospel and involved both female and male fans. Europe has seen a gradual participation of women in soccer with FIFA unveiling women world cup championship and other professional leagues. North America has not invited or obtained the same level of participation of female football players. However, the statistics are in favor of male dominance than female participation on both regions notes Parrish.
Europe and North America have created leagues that make money for the league stakeholders and owners of the professional clubs that participate in the championships. Major League Soccer, Barclay’s Premier League, Bundesliga and Serie A among other major leagues in Europe and America enter into collective bargaining and negotiations with top players. The activity takes place between the end and beginning of the each season. The league and club owners scout for top players and offer lucrative bids to other clubs in an effort to develop and improve the team performance. The engagement results to club profits every year in order to sustain player’s remuneration (Parrish N.p).
The professional games are played at different time frames within the year. Europe hosts professional soccer leagues such as Barclay’s Premier League in England, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga in Germany and Italian Serie A. The professional leagues run from mid-august to the end of May the leagues involve home and away games. The games are played in the soccer fields of the top teams that have qualified for the league based on the results and performance of the previous season. North America or United States a single league dubbed Major League soccer, and it runs from Mid-March and is finalized in November. European and North America soccer cultures crown champions differently by the end of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparison of Culture Between European Sports Such As Soccer and North Essay)
Comparison of Culture Between European Sports Such As Soccer and North Essay.
“Comparison of Culture Between European Sports Such As Soccer and North Essay”, n.d.
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