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Reflection on the Cultural Geography of Thailand - Essay Example

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The aim of this essay is to discuss major social, economic and cultural characteristic of Thailand. The essay briefly describes the geography and culture of the country as a religion, architectural design, language and the social life of the people of the country…
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Reflection on the Cultural Geography of Thailand
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Extract of sample "Reflection on the Cultural Geography of Thailand"

Reflection on the cultural geography of Thailand.
The cultural diversity and the population integration of Thailand has been a topic of my fascination even before the actual learning of the country in this semester. The situation of the country in Southeast Asia is probably a contributing factor to the immense interest I have had in the study and understanding of the country. The region where the country lies is marred with a rich culture, but at the same time has been affected natural calamities such as floods, droughts and cyclone. It is thus for this reason that I have been interested in understanding how the people of Thailand have used their rich culture and geography to thrive in an environment that is both rich and challenging.
With the intention of understanding the geography and the culture of Thailand, I have done research searches through literature books and sources with the inclusion of the internet. From the reading sources, some of the aspects that emerge as the prominent definers of the geography and culture of the country are religion, architectural design, language and the social life of the people of the country. The rich social art of Thailand amalgamates art and healing that draws from the traditional aspect making the country a hub for culture and civilization.
With the intention of learning about the people of Thailand, the learning outcome for the semester has provided me with adequate information to know that Thailand is a country that is composed of 67,741,401 people according to the national population estimate 2013. The natural population increase rate of the country is 35.4% with the birth rate being 11.26births /1000. The life expectancy rate of the country is 74.18 years and the infant mortality rate being 9.86/1000.
In relation to the culture and way of life of the people of Thailand, the semester study has impacted me with information to realize that the country is composed of four major language groups. The language groups are the Aheu, Akeu, Akha, Ban Khor Sign and Bisu. The country's national language is Thai, but there are other minor languages spoken in the country. The country has approximately 48 religions with Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism being the dominant religions. The country thus shares a lot of cultural and religious similarity to other Asian countries like china. The traditional form of architecture has changed paving way for building of more modern and elegant housing and religious sanctuaries in the country thus representing an immense socio-cultural change in the country (Schwantes, Diana, and Yi, P. 120).
Being a country that is affected calamities such like floods and droughts, I have learnt that the sociocultural changes and diversification of the people of Thailand is an essential tool for the mitigation and adaptation to the eventualities. The people of Thailand have continuously used their precious cultural settings and knowledge to mitigate the challenges. The unity of the country for tackling of the challenges is offered under the banners of rich language of Thai that acts as a unifying factor in times of need. Equally, the people of Thailand have drawn a lot of inspiration from religion, tradition and the culture in the sustenance of life during periods of abundance and in periods of scarcity. It is thus evident that the semester study of Thailand, its people and culture has been an informative and pave way for reflection on an individual’s culture.
Schwantes, Vicki S., James S. Diana, and Yang Yi. “Social, Economic, and Production Characteristics of Giant River Prawn Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Culture in Thailand.” Aquaculture 287 (2009): 120–127.  Read More
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