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Commodification of Biodiversity Conservation - Essay Example

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The most essential market-based instrument for protecting the biodiversity thereby emerged to be the actual market for ecosystem services (Anderson & Leal, 2001). Developers…
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Commodification of Biodiversity Conservation
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Extract of sample "Commodification of Biodiversity Conservation"

Download file to see previous pages ese organizations compensate for this by enhancing or restoring habitat of comparable ecological value as the one damaged by human activities, but in other geographical region (William & Scott, 2009). This paper thereby analyses such optimistic environmental expectations that are to be accomplished through commodification and nature selling. It visits the economic valuation controversies on ecosystem services in two prospects. First, the institutional setups upon which the environmental governance and policies are embedded, and second, the wider economic and sociopolitical influences that governs the pricing expectations into the previous non-marketed regions of the environment (Robertson, 2004). Finally, it maps the probable economic, social, and ecological problems or challenges of biodiversity commodification, as well as the necessary preconditions for biodiversity enhancements.
Commodification of nature or biodiversity is a research area within the grave environmental studies, concerning the ways or methods in which natural processes and entities are made redeemable via the market, and their implications thereafter. Neoliberal conservation on the other hand refers to approaches through which the capitalist expansions and environmental protection are not only crucially complaisant activities, but also mutually companionable ones (Harvey, 2007). Amidst the contemporary environmental, economic, and financial crises, biodiversity has grown enormous vitality due to the role it plays for the ‘green economy,’ which is in turn consolidated by various agreements reached by the environmental organizational policies. The notion behind the biodiversity markets implies that if both negative and positive impacts on biodiversity are measurable as debits and credits, then they can be much easier to integrate as costs or benefits in economic decision-making. Through internalizing the traditionally externalized costs, the biodiversity markets opt to serve as powerful tools ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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