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Measuring Globalization - Coursework Example

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Question 1 finds out where students purchased their shoes. It aims at finding out the frequency at which the students interact with the world beyond their country. Four (4) students bought…
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Measuring Globalization
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Extract of sample "Measuring Globalization"

Measuring Globalization Globalization Index The questionnaire represents statistical analysis of a The numbers in brackets represent the number of students (Out of 5) who are for the choice.
1. Where did you purchase your shoes?
A. Within the country (4)
B. Europe (1)
C. Outside Europe (0)
2. Where is the place of production of your shoes?
A. Within Europe (3)
B. Within the country (1)
C. Outside Europe (1)
3. Where do you spend your holiday?
A. In the country (2)
B. Outside the country (3)
4. How many currencies do you use?
A. One (3)
B. More than One (2)
5. How frequently do you go for holidays outside the country?
A. None (2)
B. 1 (1)
C. 2 (1)
D. 3 or more (1)
6. Have you ever been in class with foreigners?
A. Yes (5)
B. No (0)
7. How many different nationalities have you ever been in class with?
A. 1 (1)
B. 2-4 (2)
C. Over 4 (2)
8. Do any of your relatives work outside the country?
A. Yes (5)
B. No (0)
9. Have you ever participated in helping other countries?
A. Yes (4)
B. No (1)
10. How many people outside the country do you chat with in the social media?
A. None (0)
B. 1-3 (0)
C. More than 3 (5)
Measuring Score
Your Score
How globalized you are?
Very globalized
Just globalized
Moderately globalized
Slightly globalized
Below 3
Not globalized
The results of the questionnaire reveal that the class has a high level of globalization. Question 1 finds out where students purchased their shoes. It aims at finding out the frequency at which the students interact with the world beyond their country. Four (4) students bought their shoes within the country, one within the continent, and none outside the continent. It shows that the students are not always willing to do their shopping outside the country. Therefore, question one portrays a negative response to globalization. Question 2 finds out the globalization of the class in the perspective of business. Only two students have shoes that have their sources of production at home. The rest bought their shoes outside the country. The results of question 2 imply that the class reveals a positive picture of international trade that has a direct relationship with globalization.
Question 3 ascertains where the students spend their holidays. More than half of the respondents enjoy holidays outside the country. The ease with which they can move outside their home country to spend holidays outside implies a positive response to globalization. It is also evident that most of the students have been in class with other nationalities. The fact that they can interact with other nationalities means that the class responds positively to globalization. Furthermore, most respondents admitted that their relatives work outside the country. Therefore, the class reveals a good representation of globalization in terms of mobility of labor across the world. The results from the questionnaire of five respondents imply that the class is globalized.
Finding the Score
In finding the score, the researcher adds up all the numerical choices. The questions that require numerical answers are questions 4, 5, 7, and 10. The magnitude of the resultant number reflects the extent of globalization of a student. The table for measuring scores range from ‘not globalized’ to ‘very globalized’. It advances through the scale progressively and matches the score with the appropriate level of globalization.
Works CitedTop of Form
Bottom of Form
Jones, Andrew. Globalization: Key Thinkers. Cambridge, UK: Polity, 2010. Print.
Ritzer, George. Globalization: A Basic Text. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010. Print. Read More
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Measuring Globalization Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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