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Advantages of Globalization - Assignment Example

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The paper "Advantages of Globalization" discusses that prosecution of criminals is very easy. It is easier to seek justice via the international criminal courts. Globalization has led to a common understanding between the security agencies and crime perpetrators cannot escape…
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Advantages of Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages While the previous era of globalization came up around falling transport costs, the current globalization is linked to the decrease in the costs of telecommunications, which make it easier to propel the world higher and make it a global village These technologies have made developing nations to become big producers other than just relying on the trading of their raw materials to the west and get finished products in return. All these developments showcase a world full of selective understanding in which the main market players will be more coalitions of conjuncture and the traditional alliances built around a strategic interest point. In essence, globalization has led to the creation of more opportunities than harm. The benefits do outweigh the harms largely. The essay seeks to expound on how globalization has affected the word at a positive level. The concept of globalization has remained a topic of interest, with great debaters focusing much on it. Its proponents have marked it as an exquisite phenomenon to happen in the world while its opponents criticize it strongly as a component linked to create harm rather than improving the existing conditions. One thing is well notable: that despite the challenges globalization faces, there is a great impact it has played on the lives of millions of people in the world3. Those against globalization may present diverse negative effects of its existence, such as environmental degradation, inequality in economic patterns, loss of jobs and other catastrophic events. However, a good number of developing countries are benefitting immensely from the vice more than before, in terms of economic growth, sustenance of culture and other angles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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