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The geography of contemporary China - Research Paper Example

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The rapid economic growth in the country is highly enhanced by the modernization process profoundly influenced by the geographical location, resources, the people and the…
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The geography of contemporary China
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Download file to see previous pages The report concludes by giving the evaluation of the research question and the research’s thesis.
The people’s republic of China was established officially in 1949 and had its capital in Beijing city. At the time of its establishment, the Chinese people have reference to a coalition of social classes, which was comprised of the peasants, the capitalists, the workers and the petite bourgeoisie. The four categories of the Chinese people are led by the CPP, which is the guide to the working class. The country’s people during the time of its establishment were approximately five million, of which ninety percent comprises the peasant farmers. It is also clear that the most of the Chinese were rural residents regardless of the fast modernization, and urban migration is taking place in the neighboring countries such Korea and Japan (Kai 32).
The people’s republic of China was adversely affected by decades of war hence the need for its management to establish a framework for efficient economic growth. Mao leads the CPP party, which is the original ruling party in the country, while the state’s leadership comprised of Zhou Enlai. Regardless of the fact that the people’s republic of china has establishment early in 1949, The Soviet Union currently referred to as Russia recognized China as an independent nation in October 1049. The two nations had an agreement in the year 1950 in which the Soviet Union they would benefit mutually in terms of economic growth. The agreement encouraged friendship, mutual assistance and alliance between the Soviet Union and the people’s republic of China (Zhao 424).
The argument slowed the countrys initial economic growth that the state had division into classes where the individuals of the various types carried out their activities discriminatory of the individuals from the other types. The division of the people into classes implicates highly on the economic development, which required the cooperation and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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