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PAR (Participatory Action Research) and immigration - Essay Example

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It is used in public health research and uses a different approach from the rest. Most research methods compile data which is used in analyzing a situation and later finding a solution…
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PAR (Participatory Action Research) and immigration
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Extract of sample "PAR (Participatory Action Research) and immigration"

Download file to see previous pages There are powerful people in every society and this knowledge seeks to unveil the extent to which these people are represented and their positions reinforced. There are different sides to participatory action research. One side shows that experience is a good teacher. Some of the issues encountered in public health and other areas might be the first but the lessons they produce can be used in future judgments. From the two sides, people who teach adults in countries with low income got ideas and went ahead to come up with a unique form of research now known as PAR 1 .
This form of research enables researchers to work with people in communities and empower them in making significant changes to their health. This is different compared to most research methods where the community is only used in data collection and the final decisions made by a committee or a group of professionals. With the above information, PAR may be simply defined as a research method whose aim is to understand and make improvements to the world by making a change in it. The communities in subject are highly involved in making these changes.
Immigration happens every day in different countries around the world for various reasons. It is a major topic especially in public policy matters in developed countries like the UK. In this report, the PAR approach will be used in finding out what the public perceives of immigrants in the UK, brain drain and the exploitation of immigrant workers. The people’s movement in and out of a country is due to various reasons such as economic and political. People from different countries tend to move to the UK in search of better opportunities.
The population in the UK has increased over the years mainly due to an increase in resident immigrants. Perceptions are brought about by the knowledge available to people. One public perception of immigrants in the UK is that they have largely ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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