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A Commodity Chain Analysis of a pair of shoes - Essay Example

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In the modern world it is very difficult to go a day without trying a pair of shoes (Peacock, 21). This thus makes shoes a very vital part of our society. However, most of the people who are the real consumers of shoes only…
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A Commodity Chain Analysis of a pair of shoes
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Extract of sample "A Commodity Chain Analysis of a pair of shoes"

Download file to see previous pages It is worth bringing such a product into perspective in order to unearth the whole processes that lead to the final products that the whole want have now made an essential part of their lifestyle.
This analysis is mainly focused on the leather shoes. It is an unparalleled fact that leather shoes is the most consumed of all the brands of shoes that exist. It is mainly used as part of the attire for clerical and office works. Many companies across the world have made leather shoes part of their attire and a mandatory requirement for any staff. However, leather shoes are not only used as attire for office work but it also forms a very core part of casual wears. It is therefore imperative to the needs of the society that a little focus is given to this special kind of shoes. A pair of leather shoes is very popular in modern society as many people now use it.
The most consumers of leather shoes currently are the world’s growing economies (Roberts, 32). This includes nations in the some parts of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East. In the Americas, the use of leather shoes has been part of the existing population for hundreds of years. With the production of leather shoes having been in existence for such a long time, it is worth noting that the major source of raw materials for these products have mainly been Africa and Asia. These materials are gotten through numerous import agencies who gather the materials from their resources inlets. These inlets are always set up in rural areas where animals are kept in their large numbers. The materials are then used in the manufacturing of the leather shoes that are the sold to different parts of the world through exports thus earning the respective countries involved in the trade foreign exchange.
This helps in enhancing the economic growth of the respective nations. The production of leather shoes has spread into many parts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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