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The Impact of IT on the Supply Chain Area - Coursework Example

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This paper “The Impact of IT on the Supply Chain Area” seeks to improve understanding of information technology value relating business integration, managerial skills, and partners’ support, a model of moderating effect of competition and its impact on the resource performance…
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The Impact of IT on the Supply Chain Area
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Download file to see previous pages In the supply chain, it is evident that companies are trying to find methods to improve their efficiency and effectiveness and their competitive advantage by changing their operations tactics, ways and new technologies. This includes the implementation of the paradigm of supply chain management. Therefore, information technology can enhance the workability and suitability of supply chain management. Such attributes, however, whose information technology impact on supply chain management, are not the same. In this paper, we specify the key areas which information technology has an impact on the supply chain and hence carry out an evaluation.
The utilization of information technology can be considered as a vital tool for the efficient control of nowadays advanced supply chains. Despite the known benefit of the utilization of information technology in supply chain management, the numerous numbers of empirical researches analyzing the use of information technology in the supply chain can be limited. On basis of the analytical data from sixteen industrial and service firms from Finland, this paper shows the classifying of the methods in which firms utilize information technology in supply chain management. It critically evaluates the forces behind these varied uses. In accordance to the findings of this research, the utilization of information technology for purpose of supply chain management can be subdivided into various processes such as transaction processing, supply chain planning, tracking of orders and coordinating deliveries. Based on my own knowledge and experiences, this may further be classified on basis of performance improvement such as internal operations, upstream, and downstream operations. This would be critically examined on this project, thoroughly based on my own experiences and from some of the books where the research study became carried out. This project provides a new infrastructure of information technology that supports such kind of processes in the supply chain. This would be seen in this project, categorically explained step by step. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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