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Social issues - Essay Example

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As the documentary shows prevalence of child labor in the West African cocoa farms; the situation has worsened today and more casualties have been involved in the abuse. This paper will explore on the causes of child abuse in the West Africa cocoa farms and come up with…
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Social issues
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Download file to see previous pages They are hundreds of thousands and are forced to work as slaves with little or no pay at all. They work under the harshest conditions that include receiving all sorts of mistreatment from their bosses; they are beaten up, being locked in small huts, and are badly fed with an unbalanced diet. They usually rely on the bananas and the cocoa fruits that they eat. Latest statistics estimates reveal that approximately twelve thousand to two hundred thousand children are taken as slaves in West Africa. They work for twelve hours to fifteen hours in a day, and they are ten to twelve years old. Ironically, in all the countries where slave trade is carried out, slavery is illegal but the laws are bent, and slavery is practiced at a high rate. One of the West African countries that have deteriorated in its practice of child labor is the Ivory Coast. Every year, there is an approximate value of three million tons of chocolate that are consumed in the whole world (The film).
Ivory Coast is the primary supplier of Chocolate in the entire world with forty-three percent of the total worlds supplied cocoa. However, the success of this industry is dependent on how many children are exploited under the child labor practices. From the Documentary, it is shown how thousands of Malian children are transported to Ivory Coast by rogue slave traders the trade remains unknown by most of the laws enforcers since the farms are small and isolated. Traders are usually found hanging in the bus stations and targets children who are alone or those begging for food. They then lure them to travel to Ivory Coast with them, and then they exchange the abducted children with farmers who are in a need of cheap labor with money. Most of the farms are found in the plains where access of people is rare hence nobody can recognize the presence of the illegal trade among the population of West Africa. Initial works by Knight Rider newspapers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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