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Mexico - Term Paper Example

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The paper "Mexico" describes what the Republic of Mexico is the third largest country in Latin America, covering a land area of about two million km2. Its location lies in the north of Guatemala and Belize, and south of the U.S. in the North America continent…
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Extract of sample "Mexico"

Download file to see previous pages Since 1920, the country went through various changes and reforms in social, agriculture, and political sectors that molded it into what it is now today. The country’s climate varies considerably from one region to another. While the southern region is mostly a tropical jungle, the northern region of the country is an arid desert. The central plateau is a colder region, particularly during winter. Its highest point is at 18,700 feet and -32 feet is its lowest point. The prevailing climate is tropical or desert. The highest average temperature registered in the capital city is 80˚F during April and every January, the temperature can reach as low as 42.4˚F. In the early 16th century, the country’s regions of advanced Amerindian civilizations became colonies of Spain until the beginning of the 19th century. These include underemployment, unequal distribution of income, and the huge economic gap between the rich and the poor. Further, powerful drug-trafficking organizations in Mexico are the country’s major cause of peace and order problems and crimes since 2007. In 2011, Mexico’s economy grew by 3.9%, but it is still susceptible to U.S. business cycle and euro zone crisis. That is when the U.S. suffers another economic downturn or the euro zone crisis spills over, Mexico’s economy will surely be dragged down. On the other hand, if the eurozone crisis is contained and the U.S. economy improves, Mexico will gain benefits from the dynamics of its export-based manufacturing sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Standing for Mexico

... nations (OECD) in heath standing and health care accessibility. Overall health care expenditure accounted for a 6.9% of GDP in the year 2009; for every capita expenses on health care was US$846, which was adjusted for buying power parity, making it an approximate of a divide of four parts of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development typical. In the year 2009, 45.5% of health expenditure was remunerated from public sources. Private backing in Mexico is almost exclusively in the structure of out-of-pocket expenses, as only 3.1% of totality expenses on health are subsidized through private health assurance (UNICEF, 2010). Healthcare within Mexico is worldwide, which makes private programs’ health cover pointless except...
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...(, n.d.). Mexico has the highest population in all of Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Around 70% of the people live in urban areas (, n.d.). Based on some estimates, the population of the area around Mexico City is roughly 18 million, which means it has the highest population concentration in the Western Hemisphere (, n.d.). The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. It has always been the centre of economic, political, social and cultural values of the nation, even before Mexico became a part of Spain. But when Mexico became independent, ultimately, Mexico City was...
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... section of North America. The total area of Mexico covers around 1,972,550 square kilometers, where 1,923,040 square kilometers are covered by land and 49,510 square kilometers are covered by water. Northern Mexico is recognized to be dry as well as desert-like while the southern region of Mexico is covered by mountainous jungle. Moreover, Mexico is known as one of the major bio-diverse nations of the world. Mexico’s economy is recognized as the world’s thirteenth biggest economy which is almost the same size as Russia’s as well as South Korea’s economies. Moreover, Mexico is considered as a ‘free market’ economy which comprises a mix industry, services, as well as agriculture (Foreign & Commonwealth Office, “Mexico: Country Information...
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.... It confirmed the victory of Cortes and under him the Spanish invaded the territory and ruled it as the Viceroyalty of New Spain. This is what would become Mexico later on. The Spanish rule continued in Mexico for the next 300 years till 1810 when the Mexicans led their first revolution to freedom which they gained in 1821. The colonial Spanish rule witnessed territorial expansion across a huge part of Central America and a lot of it to the south and west of what is now the United States. Trade and commerce swelled and the time saw a flourishing mining, textile, and agrarian economy. There was large scale religious conversion to Roman Catholicism. However, by early nineteenth century resentment simmered among the locals and set the tempo...
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... cuisine location (Camp 30). Mexican food is in style all about the globe. From tacos to nachos and enchiladas, Mexican impacts in cuisine can be attained at anyplace (Johnston 24). Those inhabitants of Mexico pleasure themselves in applying natural; from the ground, indigenous ingredients that age groups before them matured using. The ingredients that individuals could effortlessly attain were the key staples in their food. Mexican foodstuff cuisine can be backdated to around 9000 years (Johnston 24). The Mayans’ staples included an assortment of different kinds of sweet potatoes and squash, insects and indigenous animals, and any kinds of vegetables or fruits that were natural and harvestable (Johnston 24). Historically, Romans, French...
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Mexico Culture

...of this, the woman is obliged to eat only hot substances. The Maya people in Mexico associate the placenta with infant; they believe the placenta is part of the infant and should be handled carefully(Baird, Christensen, Delsol&Mellin, 2010). It is the father of the infant who buries the placenta in a right place so as to avoid the occurrence of mischief to his newborn baby(Bell & Standish, 2004). The cleaning of the infant in Mexico involves the midwife putting drops into its eyes(Lefeber&Voorhoeve, 1998). After the cleaning the child is protected against evil spirits by use of charms around its arms and legs. The mother of the child is also protected from the evil spirits by being advised to remain...
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Mexico economy

...Additionally, the banking industry is equally uncompetitive. The presence of two major banks that control almost half of the economy means 95% of account owners have no option, but to subscribe to their services. As a result, forcing competition in the banking sector is still not easy. However, recently the Mexican authorities implemented new competition laws to create room for entry of new investors. Though a positive move, the locals and investors still do not fancy their chances of rivalling the big players. Analysis: The monopoly markets in Mexico are the primary reason for stagnated economic growth in the country. They reduce chances of entry of investors due the stringent laws and economies of scale they enjoy. This situation is...
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Mexico economy

... Corruption in Mexico Summary: Massive political corruption is the major contributor to the economic decline in Mexico. Currently, corruption pervades all parts of the political government. As a result, only a few individuals gain, majority of the Mexican population and feel the heat of corrupt practices. .The current Mexican population has plenty to grumble about, from the stagnant economy to growth of the poverty level in the country. Development: Though Mexico is a middle-class country, the rampant corruption of its leaders hurts the economic growth of the country. Corrupt activities in Mexico have been accentuated by the democratization and the market reforms adopted by the country. Though the authorities and citizens believed...
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...production has declined to 14% while that of Mexico has increased from meager 3 percent to 20 percent. Large numbers of multinational automobile manufacturers are either shifting their base from Canada to Mexico or are limiting their operations in Canada and expanding the same in Mexico (Althaus “Mexico Sets Auto Production Record, Aims for More”). Mexico has gained significant attention of automotive producers, as a result of several factors that deliver geographical and other competitive advantages to manufacturers. These advantages include extremely low wage rate, free trade agreements with approximately 45 countries across the globe, well-developed...
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Mexico economy

...COM 223- INTELLELLINCE WRITING- MWF 8:00-900 Account Readout Sheet-Extra Credit Country/topic account ………………………………………………………………………………. Country/topic Account………………………………………………………………………. How would you now characterize the current situation on your account in 2-3 sentences? The current situation in the Mexico economy can be characterized by analyzing the industrialization process that exists in the country’s economy. This is achieved by classifying the relationship that exists between the Mexican industrial structures, the economy associated patterns of consumption and its distribution of income in relation to its implication in the country’s economic growth, demand, multinational control as well as employments constraints. Based... 223-...
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The Loop Current and Its Effect on the Gulf of Mexico

... the vast coastlines, is greatly affected by something called the Loop Current. This is a current that begins when the Caribbean Current merges with the North Equatorial Current just south of Cuba, becoming the Yucatan Current. This current then enters the Gulf of Mexico, forming the large looping action from which it received its name (Gyory, Mariano, Ryan., n.d.). The current is a clockwise, or anticyclonic, flow that extends northward into the Gulf of Mexico often as far north as the United States coastline. Eventually, the current joins with the Florida Current to exit the gulf, forming part of the Gulf Stream in the process. The Gulf Stream is one of the most powerful currents within the world’s oceans, transporting warm water...
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The Path to Independence: The Case for Mexico, Chile and Brazil

...French adversary and the rise of nationalistic sentiments, it was not long before the populace rebelled against those who have wronged them. This paper aims at investigating the fight for independence of three South American countries namely Mexico, Brazil and Chile. I am to discuss their colonial background and then highlight the similarities and difference in their fight for independence. I will also be discussing the possible reasons behind these so as to provide a more critical perspective regarding the history of the three nations. 2.0 South America Colonized Brazil became a Portuguese colony by the early part of 16th century with the earliest accounts of contact dating April 22, 1500 with the conquest of Pedro...
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The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Forces that Brought about the Invasion

Some of the territories led to a war with Mexico from which the United States emerged victorious, expanding its territories and decisively establishing its dominance in North America.

President Andrew Jackson led an example of an administration that set the stage for the way in which James Polk would lead. In 1817, as a still yet military leader, Jackson led the United States into the first of three conflicts with the Seminole Indians from which the acquisition of Florida from Spain would be negotiated and finalized. The situation with Spain was tenuous and should have been dealt with in a diplomatic and cautious manner, but in 1817 President Monroe wrote a letter to General Jackson stating that “Great interests...
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Impact of US Counter-Smuggling Operations in Mexico and the Caribbean

The investigation will consequently answer the research questions as delineated in the previous chapter in addition to the objectives of the study, which is to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug war as enforced by the US Coast Guards. Based on a blend of preliminary qualitative (hypothetical) and later on quantitative (field survey) analysis, the study has scrutinized the effectiveness of drug enforcement techniques as operated by the US Coast Guards in its area of operation along the US borders and the Caribbean. The study has consequently used a triangulation style or blend of the qualitative and quantitative procedures. Triangulation is the research technique of inquiring a comparable study assignment from assorted perspect...
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Oil Spill in The Gulf of Mexico

...following species are the most affected and even face the danger of extinction. The North Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna is one of such species. The fish travels through the Atlantic Ocean and comes to the Gulf of Mexico during the breading season. During the month of April when the explosion occurred at Deep Sea Horizon, large schools of fish gathered in the area and prepared their breeding spaces around the underwater vegetation found in the region. Due to the oil spill, the most of the fish cannot breed effectively. The eggs laid by a few are either destroyed or the larvae face physical damage and deformities. A total of seven sea turtle species exist on the earth out of which five migrate towards the Gulf of...
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How Does Mexico Treat its Hazardous Wastes

... and gathers an insight of how the government takes a conscious effort to solve the problem. Method of research done in the study is exploratory research in order to gain a better understanding of the dimensions of the waste problems in Mexico. Usually, this type of research is conducted to analyze a situation. Study showed inadequacy of the systems of disposals in terms of need for new infrastructure and technology. A market for recycling of materials is shown to be a market opportunity because of bilateral trade agreements between US and Mexico. A conclusion is arrived saying that Mexico has to upgrade existing facilities to meet increasing demands of the population for safe waste and efficient disposal infrastructures. Your name...
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The Importance of the Collaboration between the United States and Mexico in Drug Trafficking

... cartels made it possible for the drug trade to cross borders. A. The illegal trafficking of drugs created an economic boom for Latin American countries that were destitute. B. The hot money flowing through the drug cartels allowed them to buy off and influence politicians who could protect their drug interests. III. Due to the cartels influence in local, national, and international politics, it will be difficult to destroy the illegal drug trade. A. Mexico has done what it can in order to curb the illegal drug trade and keep the problem within its borders B. The United States acknowledges that the drug trade has entered the country and they will need to assist Mexico in order to contain and eliminate the drug cartels. A History...
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Class and Gender Differences in Revolutionary-Era Mexico

...and the lower class who can bend these social conventions to find true love. The novel shows greater sympathy to the lower class who do not need social conventions to tell them who they are and who they can love. Besides showing sympathy for the lower class, Esquivel portrays women’s traditional roles that limit women’s freedoms. Revolutionary Mexico has strict gender roles and expectations, where women must follow them to avoid shame for themselves and their families. Mama Elena is a rigid implementer of traditions. One of the rules she imposes is the custom that the youngest daughter should not marry because she should take care of her parents until they die. She reminds this to her daughter when she tells her that...
9 Pages(2250 words)Literature review

Overview of Mexico Country

... is headed by a president, Enrique Peña Nieto, with a Federal presidential constitutional republic government system. The country has a nominal GDP of close to $2 Trillion. Mexico’s economy is the second-largest in Latin America, after Brazil, and is a major producer and exporter of oil and oil products with the U.S being the destination of much of the crude oil export. Spanish is the primary communication language of the country while Christianity is the dominant religion (UNESCO, 2014). This study paper examines Mexico country with a strong emphasis on the media industry of this federal state including print, social and broadcast media and their emerging trends (BBC, 2012). Media Systems in the Mexico Country According to Guerrero...
9 Pages(2250 words)Case Study

Problems Caused by Urbanisation in Mexico City

...of interest and aims to determine the linkage between urbanisation and air pollution Factors leading to the build-up of air pollution are mentioned as unusually low rainfall (build-up of black carbon particles), a strong high pressure system lying over Mexico leading to high atmospheric stability, cold clear nights, lack of winds, and very little cloud cover with hot weather leading to the formation of ground-level ozone (Jauregui 1997). In the past three years, an integrated valuation of air quality in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA) has been taken by a team of U.S., Mexican, and other international engineers and scientists, political, and social scientists, as well as, economists. The case...
7 Pages(1750 words)Coursework
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