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After reading the chapters assigned for this week, what would you say - using information you've learned through this course - would be the future for either or both of these realms (i.e. any shifts in cultures, resources, climate, diffusion, etc). (Opt - Essay Example

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The impact of climate change is straightforward. The change in the global temperature has triggered natural phenomena that is gradually…
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After reading the chapters assigned for this week, what would you say - using information youve learned through this course - would be the future for either or both of these realms (i.e. any shifts in cultures, resources, climate, diffusion, etc). (Opt
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Extract of sample "After reading the chapters assigned for this week, what would you say - using information you've learned through this course - would be the future for either or both of these realms (i.e. any shifts in cultures, resources, climate, diffusion, etc). (Opt"

The Future of Geography The realm of geography faces tremendous changes and this trend can be attributed to two important factors: climate change andtechnology. The impact of climate change is straightforward. The change in the global temperature has triggered natural phenomena that is gradually transforming the face of the earth. For example, ice caps in the North Pole are melting and as a result, some land mass are being submerged in water. The implications on the physical features of the Earth is significant and the field of geography will play an important role in the manner by which people would have to deal and adapt with the transformations and their consequences in the environment.
Then, there is the case of technology. Because of the advances in this area, geographical study became more efficient and accurate. An excellent demonstration is the rapid evolution of the Geographical Information System (GIS). This system is, fundamentally, used for geographic processing tasks, integrating geographical information for the use of experts, scientists, researchers and a number of learners. Technological development - particularly in computing hardware and software -allow people to access geographical information across spaces, hierarchies and geographic scales easily and comprehensively (Lloyd and Bunch, 828). The most important aspect in this development is the degree of information integration (especially with the networking capabilities of the Internet) and technological power achieved.
As the realm develops, it will not merely achieve the stability, accuracy, compatibility and sophistication but rather, it is expected to evolve further, integrating more technologies such as speech-control or virtually-driven interfaces and platforms, to the point that activities such as geologic exploration can be simulated like an actual field work. The future trends in geography - as driven by climate change and technology - is underpinned by the importance of geographic information. It is inextricably linked, wrote Pequet, with the process of spatial analyses and the modeling of geographic phenomena, those that are important in geographic expeditions, land mapping, running a city, and predicting calamities, among others (375).
Lloyd, Robert. and Bunch, Rick. Technology and Map-Learning: Users, Methods, and Symbols. 2003. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 93(4): 828-850.
Pequet, Donna. Representations of Geographic Space: Toward a Conceptual Synthesis. 1988. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 78(3): 375-394. Read More
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