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Beauty of Switzerland - Essay Example

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The research paper “Beauty of Switzerland” will evaluate one of the most stable economies of the world with the lowest unemployment ratio and a balanced budget. The economy of Switzerland is mainly dependent upon the foreign investments…
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Beauty of Switzerland
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Extract of sample "Beauty of Switzerland"

Download file to see previous pages They have very skilled and qualified labors. The economy is divided into many areas most prominent of them are technology including biotechnology, banking and financial services and pharmaceutical industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in the economic development. The GDP growth rate is 2.8% nominal and 2.7% real.
 The area of Switzerland is 41285-kilometer square and the boundary is 18558 kilometers. The boundary lines with the neighboring countries include France, Italy Austria, and France. All the four dimensions have different names, such as, Oberbargen (N 47° 48 35"), Piz Chavalatsch (E 10° 29 36"), Chiasso (N 45° 49 08") and Chancy (E 5° 57 24"). Dufourspitze has the highest elevation i.e. 4634 m.a.s (15200 feet) and Lago Maggiore has the lowest elevation i.e. 193 m.a.s (633 feet) (Renouf 2010).
 Music: basically Switzerland is not a complete musical country but in the 20th century it had some very good composers such as Arthur Honegger, Othmar Schoeck, and Frank Martin. The music is categorized in different areas such as folk music, classical music, rock, pop, and jazz.
 Science: The scientists from Switzerland have shown great contributions in the field of science, for instance, they introduced chemistry in the medicine. There are recognizable contributions in physics and mathematics is also made.
 Leisure: The beautiful mountainous areas of the country have really influenced the leisure of the people. Their leisure activities include skiing, mountaineering, golf, tennis, football, basketball, gliding, swimming, mountain biking, and hiking.
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Beauty of Switzerland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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