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Europe - Assignment Example

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They are some of the largest mountains in the world and are host to some of Europe’s most glamorous holiday spots. People love the beautiful scenery and they love the sports associated with these massive…
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Extract of sample "Europe"

ARTICLE ON ALPS The Alps are one of Europe’s most majestic physical features. They are some of the largest mountains in the world and are host to some of Europe’s most glamorous holiday spots. People love the beautiful scenery and they love the sports associated with these massive mountains. The Alps span several European countries, including Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. These three countries work together to protect the environment there.
The majesty of these mountains is tinged with a darker element. The truth is that these mountains are powerful and they can be deadly too. This article, about the injury of a Dutch prince, Johan Friso, shows that avalanches can cause great damage to human lives. The accident happened just this past week in the Alps. We must be exceedingly cautious about Europe’s geography: it has the power to startle with its beauty, but also the power to destroy the unwary.
I enjoyed this article immensely. It dealt with a painful and difficult subject, but it provided so much context that it gave me a great deal to think about. It was very interesting to consider the fact that European royalty used to have so much power. Now they are reduced to fun-loving glamour. And even that power and glamour is subject to Europe’s awesome geography. The power of the continent gives and it also takes away.
One important element this article touches on only briefly is the idea that climate change may be responsible for Europe’s changing geography. It is possible that there are more avalanches on the Alps then in other years. This is difficult to prove, but it certainly is food for thought.
“Dutch Prince buried in avalanche may never awaken, say doctors.” Read More
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To promote corporate rescue bankru...
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The threat of sexual violence and social violence that she met with was in one sense her source of strength also. Because a truly divine person was, according to her vision, the one who underwent maximum adversities and torture which she always considered as God testing her. To come...
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I have used only secondary sources for conducting this research. I have taken ideas from reputed electronic references like JSTOR, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, etc and also from articles written by many reputed authors like Dr. Singh, Gupta, Gabriel Rozman, etc. I tried to find similar arguments in these articles in order to strengthen the claims presented in this paper. Moreover, I tried to explore diverse areas of cooperation between Europe and India in order to write a multifaceted article. I tried to analyze and interpret the ideas taken from the references meaningfully i...
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