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San Miguel - Essay Example

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The paper "San Miguel" informs about San Muigel that is is a developing region with its capital San Sebastian. The state is rich in oil, mineral deposits, forests and other natural resources. However, the geographical location of the resources causes the problem of poor communication…
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San Miguel
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Extract of sample "San Miguel"

Download file to see previous pages There is some fertile land around the country’s capital San Sebastian. An American fruit company has bought a segment of this land for the purpose of cultivating and growing Bananas and citrus fruits, while some part of this fertile land is surrounded by the non-native locals and native Indians. The government grants the tenure of land and perpetuity is adopted to hold leasing. However, the government of this country retains all the rights to the compulsory purchase of the land by showing that either the national interests are being put on stake or the tenant does not possess the capability of cultivating and farming the land in a beneficial manner any more.  San Miguel possesses an enormous potential for providing the tourism sites and this sector can be easily added to the economic base of the country which has been discouraged till now by the government bearing foreign capital. However, the government intended to work for the development of the tourism sector with the income of minerals and oil and by understanding to make a strong tourist base to the economy of the state. The mountainous regions of the country hold great potential to serve the tourists and promote winter sports. It provides the opportunities of skiing all around the year and one of the companies in North America already intends to develop the mountainous region of the country by providing winter sports facility to the tourists, and they signify their plans with the building of an airport. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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