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Japan is the largest democracy in East Asia and the second largest economy in the world (Berger, T.U. 2003). The country has risen to the status of a non resistant power with cultural influence from around the world…
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Literature review on Japan
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Download file to see previous pages The various aspects of contemporary Japan that include geographical, political, economic, cultural, educational and religious phenomenon are discussed in detail (Japan, 2005).
The role and constitution of families in Japan has undergone changes in the twentieth century with respect to their tradition. But the concept of continuing family keeps their dear ones close. The people of Japan believe that even if a family does not live together with grandparents and parent, the proximity of separated family should be so close that they can share a bowl of hot soup on a day. This reveals that the concept of family and values has much significance in Japan. The educational system of Japan and workplace culture has grabbed much attention for its severity. This may be recognized with the huge economic success and technological progress of the country. Japanese believe in working hard from a very young age to survive in highly competitive settings. Japanese consider themselves of belonging to a homogenous society. They have a strong sense of national identity and there are no much racial or ethnic divisions. Though they have a feeling of oneness of being Japanese, Japan is most influenced by popular culture. The culture of young people in Japan is dominated by media with sitcoms like Pokemon, manga and Hello Kitty (Bestor, T. & Hardacre, H 2004).
Japanese economy is second only to the United States in terms of having a high GNP. Major industries in Japan include automobile, real estate, manufacturing, communication, construction, services and distribution. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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