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The Key Considerations When Developing International Business - Literature review Example

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In the paper “The Key Considerations When Developing International Business” the author seeks to evaluate how to go beyond borders into the international market rather than focusing on domestic market. However, not every company succeeds in the international market…
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The Key Considerations When Developing International Business
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Extract of sample "The Key Considerations When Developing International Business"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, this leads us to the topic of “key considerations in developing an international business.” This work attempts to identify the extent in which prior literatures, especially the latest ones, have suggested on the importance or key considerations in putting up an international business. Using the internet and the online library resources, it has been identified that there are at least seven materials which appeared to be most relevant to the subject matter, the materials have also been reviewed and the most salient points have also been identified. This work limited itself to materials written within the last 5 years with the exception of one in which it was written in the year 1999 but appeared to be highly relevant to the subject matter. One important material on the subject matter is written by Beyer and Fening (2012). Beyer and Fening (2012) highlighted the importance of business strategy for success in the global market. However, they actually emphasized on the role that institutions play in shaping global business strategy. The authors pointed out for instance that one important consideration is whether the targeted country for expansion of the business implements and imposes restrictions on trade and commerce vis-à-vis foreign nationals. Another important consideration is whether the potential market is saturated with government policies and regulations that restrict the businesses. One important material on the subject matter is written by Beyer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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