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Country Inventory - Essay Example

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Country Inventory Research Paper – Scotland Name Instructor Course Date Country Inventory Research Paper – Scotland Physical Geography Scotland, a member of the Great Britain nations, is situated in the northern part of the Great Britain. The country borders England, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean…
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Country Inventory
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Download file to see previous pages This manuscript will reflect on Scotland, highlighting its physical, cultural, religious, cultural and political aspects. Scotland, located in the northern part of the United Kingdom, harbors nearly 800 islands. Recent statistics indicate that the nation’s population is slightly over 5.2 million people (Hallwood & MacDonald, 2009). The three regions that are distinct in the country include the Highlands, the Central Lowlands and the Southern Uplands. The Highlands is mainly a rugged barren region, with several valleys known as glens, including the Glen Mor. The area is particularly poor in forestation and typical with low population density (IBPUS, 2012). Mountain ranges such as the Grampian Mountain and the Northwest Highlands are some of the physical features present in the region. The Central Lowlands extends from coast to coast and is the most suitable place for agricultural activities. The land is relatively flat with a few hilly parts of the region. Its agricultural capabilities render it the most populous region in Scotland(IBPUS, 2012). The region also boasts of mineral resources. Rivers Clyde, Tay and Fourth pass through the region, providing a suitable environment for agricultural practices. The third region is the Southern Uplands, located between the lowlands and the English boundary. The region consists of hilly plateaus. It is particularly barren, but the lower parts of the region encompass rich soils. The region is suitable for livestock rearing, with the availability of sheep and cattle. The Cheviot Hills are the most apparent physical features in the region(Koch, 2012). The climatic pattern is characteristically cool, wet and windy and modern culture. Modern and traditional music are a key feature of the country’s culture. The bagpipe, drum and the harp are key features of the music that have spread globally. The nation also encompasses sports as a key aspect of its culture. The nation has successfully participated in various sport, including soccer, rugby, cricket and Olympic games at international levels. The nation’s major language is English, with a variety of dialects accents. Other significant languages include the Scots and Gaelic (Koch, 2012). A common Scottish diet may include fruits and vegetables. Mince and tatties, which comprise of ground beef and mashed potatoes, also serve as a common dish. Scotch natives use wine to celebrate special occasions, with turkey and haggis serving for Christmas. The country’s traditional dresses include the plaid and the kilt, which are worn on events such as weddings. Scotland’s tradition also boasts of diverse myths and legends, which include the Loch Ness monster and the Haggis among others (Koch, 2012). The nation’s most celebrated days include Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Mothers’ day among others. The nation is unique in that it has two flags, each with a distinct meaning. The flags are the Rampant and the Saltire with the Rampant representing power and aristocracy while the Saltire represents the crucifixion of Saint Andrew, a significant figure in the Scottish history.UK’s hereditary nobility caste is also evident in the Scotland culture. Political Geography Before 1832, Scotland’s authority was under rich property-owners and the minority merchants. There was a political rearrangement that year, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Country Inventory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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