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Name Instructor Course Date State of California Introduction California otherwise called the Golden State is one of the fifty states that constitute the whole United States of America. Located in the Western region of America, California bears numerous political, agricultural, economic, demographic and urban significances that affect the whole of the United States of America…
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GEO 101
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of California Introduction California otherwise called the Golden is one of the fifty s that constitutethe whole United States of America. Located in the Western region of America, California bears numerous political, agricultural, economic, demographic and urban significances that affect the whole of the United States of America. California is the third largest state in the union after Alaska and Texas, and covers a total land mass of 403,934 square kilometers. California is globally popular due to its large cities, favorable climate, large economy and varied topography. The largest known cities within the State of California include San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Long Beach, Oakland, Sacramento and Fresno. The highest point in California is Mount Whitney, which is at the height of 4, 418 meters above the sea level. The Death Valley that is at 86 meters below the sea level is the lowest point in the whole State of California. Political Geography of the State of California California bears overwhelming political importance in the whole United States of America. California is the most densely populated state with a total population of over 37 million people. This population gives the state its deserved political significance with the America. The State of California experiences division of its population along racial, religions, economic, ethnic and cultural lines. Importantly, the latest political division of the population of California has shifted the traditional North-South partisan to East-West partisan arrangement (Lawrence 8). Initially, the North divide supported the Democratic Party while South divide supported Republican Party. The support of the South for the Republican Party, which is also pro-war attributed to the existence of defense industry in the region. In the new political alignment of the regions, the Coastal region that has a dense population supports Democratic Party while the less populated interior region supports the Republican Party. According to Lawrence, additional political significance of California relates to the fact that it bears the highest number of the Electoral College votes that stands at 55 (13). Since 1992, Democratic Party has managed to win three out of the five presidential elections. Population Geography of the State of California According to the census of 2009, California is the most populated state in the USA with over 39 million residents. About 7.3% of the human population in California consists of illegal immigrants. The largest proportion of the population in California clusters in the three major cities that include Oakland Bay area in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Central Valley, Sacramento, San Diego and Stockton (Briney). Economic Geography of the State of California The economy of California pegs on many sources of livelihood that ranges from entrainment, processing industry, technology to other natural resources like oil, cement, sand and gravel. The state has many industries that focus on processing farm and agricultural products, which generates revenues as well as providing employment to a section of the population. The Silicon Valley also defines an important region in California considering its domination by high-tech companies that produce important computer software and hardware. Apart from the Silicon Valley, South Carolina also hosts many high and low-tech companies that make the region stand as the largest manufacturing region in the whole USA. California hosts many entrainment industries that specialize in the production of motion pictures, television films and other entertainment related contents. In fact, California has global recognition for production of Hollywood and Burbank entrainment materials. Tourism also defines part of the economic drivers in California. Tourism sites in the state include and not limited to Sea World, Disneyland, the numerous attractions in San Francisco, entertainment dominated Los Angeles, Yosemite Falls, Pacific beaches and the giant sequoia trees, which attracts millions of tourists every year. The general economic activities in California contribute an average of 13% to the GDP of the whole USA. Agricultural Geography of the State of California The State of California practices most of the agricultural activities taking place in the United States of America. California leads other states in the production of vegetables and fruits like lettuce, carrots, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, strawberries and almonds. The most valuable crops within California include cotton, grapes, flowers and oranges. California also leads other states in the production of dairy products (Starrs and Peter 14)). The agricultural viability and productivity of the State of California relates to its good soil, long growing season and abundance of rain. Irrigation of dry land as happens in areas like Imperial Valley and San Joaquin Valley is another factor that makes California appear as a viable and productive agricultural land. Urban Geography of the State of California California has many urban centers that include and not limited to Torrance, Pomona, Pasadena, El Monte, Downey, Norwalk, Compton, Hesperia, Redding, Santa Monica, Westminster, Chico, Roseville, Concord, Salinas and Concord (Briney). Cultural Geography of the State of California The interior region of California that includes Inland Empire, North Carolina and the Central Valley adopt very conservative social structure and less diversified. The region is more evangelical and the population there practices extensive agriculture. Works cited Briney, Amanda. Geography of California. 2010. . Lawrence, David G. California: The Politics of Diversity. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2013. Print. Starrs, Paul F. and Peter Goin. Field Guide to California Agriculture. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010. Print. Read More
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