Topic: Persuade your reader to stop or change a behavior that is negatively affecting the environment. Argue for your change usi - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Packaging Waste: A Discussion of Impact and Actions that Must Be Taken Due to the increased level of globalization within the current world, markets are increasingly linked and the type and overall number of products that individuals order from different areas around the globe, as well as different nations overseas, indicates that a great deal of packaging material is necessitated in order to provide these finished products to the ultimate consumer…
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Topic: Persuade your reader to stop or change a behavior that is negatively affecting the environment. Argue for your change usi
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Download file to see previous pages As a means of integrating understanding of this reality, as well as seeking to provide a handful of prescriptions for how this shipping/packaging waste can be lessened, the following analysis will integrate with the issue itself, the global trends that are implimented within the current world, and a review of several key recycling programs that can be utilized not only as a means of reducing the solid waste that builds up throughout the nation’s landfills but also providing monetary incentives that are cost positive for inducing recycling. By such an analysis, the reader can come to the understanding of the profound importance that this has and the relevance to the fate of the environment. Even a cursory analysis of the issue promotes the understanding that the nature of the current world has created a situation through which the overall level of trade in the overall level of domestic and international shipping between great partners and individual consumers is unlikely to decrease anywhere in the near future. Conversely, it is reasonable to expect that within the near future trade and international shipping will only increase. ...
For instance, in the drive to reduce the amount of landfill mass that shipping packaging generates, one effective approach that could be engaged would be to require any and all shipping operations that integrate with the economy of the world to initiate levels of standardization with regards to the type and content shipping containers/packaging that are utilized (Lucia 1408). This level of standardization is not only helpful with regards to reducing the overall impact upon landfill mass, it also has the tangential benefit of being able to increase the levels of recycling that exist within the system. For instance, whereas shipping and packaging entities might be tempted to integrate with a particular design/content due to the fact that it represents a lower cost, by creating a level of standardization and elaborating upon what types of materials can be mixed and utilize within these packages, the overall recyclability of the content can be infinitely increased. Another method that can be engaged to great effect is with regards to incentivizing the recycling of this packaging material. One of the realities that can quickly be denoted from the information that is thus far been presented is the fact that this packaging material is perennially and demand and actually commands a rather high price on the open market. Accordingly, in order to incentivize packaging recycling, several different programs could be effected that would allow individuals to gain a monetary benefit from such a process. Within the current system, no monetary incentive exists; even worse, individuals merely dispose of the packaging material, regardless of its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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