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Anything about Cause and Effect - Essay Example

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The explosion of the consumer economy over the past several decades has allowed many individuals in nations around the globe to enjoy relatively cheap consumer products. Furthermore, the means of production for these products and global shipping has meant that the overall scope…
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Anything about Cause and Effect
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Download file to see previous pages For the most part, the amount of waste and/or trash that is generated in terms of the production of goods and shipment worldwide is not contingent on the actual product itself. Instead, the majority of the trash and waste that is produced is contingent upon the packaging that is utilized to the product. Each and every year hundreds of thousands of tons of packing waste find its way into the landfills of developed and developing nations around the globe. The ultimate cause of all of this is globalization; however, the ultimate fact is that more and more landfills around the globe are filling up with waste products that were never used and only served as a means of transportation or safekeeping great product from one location to another. 1 As a function of understanding this cause-and-effect relationship, the following analysis will discuss how these effects are impacting upon the environment and what can ultimately be done to defend the environment from this unfortunate paradigm.
One of the first and most obvious effects of the explosion in packaging waste has to do with the fact that it is being experienced firsthand in landfills around the globe. It is estimated by some scholars that in excess of 40% of all waste products that are disposed of and are ultimately nonbiodegradable are in fact related to product packaging. Accordingly, as the planet now supports in excess of 7 billion individuals, this is an issue that has to be addressed prior to further human development even being considered. Essentially, the wastefulness of product packaging and the focus on the bottom line, instead of the overall environmental impact, is an issue that will doom the planet unless it is addressed.2
Another noticeable impact and the fact that this particular situation espouses is related to the vast deforestation that must necessarily take place in order for much of this packing material to be provided to the end consumer. The most part, packaging material is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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