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Scottsdale Journey Stories - Essay Example

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Scottsdale is one of the cities found within the state of Arizona and has a population of over 200,000 people according to the 2010 data sourced from the United States census bureau.Scottsdale is also known as the desert version of Miami due to the similarity it has with the south beach …
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Scottsdale Journey Stories
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Download file to see previous pages Scottsdale is one of the cities found within the state of Arizona and has a population of over 200,000 people according to the 2010 data sourced from the United States census bureau. Scottsdale is also known as the desert version of Miami due to the similarity it has with the south beach and the numerous partying found within this locality. The city of Scottsdale is believed to have been originally occupied by the Hohokam, a culture that belongs to the pre-historic era according to archeological information. The city of Scottsdale has for long organized the Scottsdale arts festival, an event that showcases the cultural and art gallery of the state to demonstrate the heritage of the city. The Scottsdale has also been ranked as the best in arts culture festival event in the United States according to the American style magazine. A section of Scottsdale hosts a number of art galleries leries and museums that are open to the public to enable them appreciate the tradition of the city.Journey stories are a Smithsonian exhibition that is used to tell the story of the evolution and growth of a nation. These stories are used to illustrate the thrill of travel as well the problems that one can meet while travelling through the different parts of the United States. In this paper, the journey story of the city of Scottsdale in Arizona will be conducted according to the Smithsonian exhibition. The journey stories have been used to tell us the progress that was made in the development of America to illuminate the heritage and the diversity of our people. It provides a better picture of how the American transport and communication system was built and the struggles the characterized the building of a nation (Higgins 34). The journey story of the city of Scottsdale seeks to highlight the tales of the ancestor and how they moved to America from their original lands. The journey story to Scottsdale explores the major connections in the city which can be associated with the Smithsonian’s journey stories. This area has for long been considered as the center of migration within the state of Arizona due to the numerous transportation and crossroad networks within the state. The trails, roads, railways, highways and the air transport networks within the city have provided a lot of business opportunity for the people of Scottsdale. The city is also characterized b y economic prosperity, religious freedom and opportunities for thrilling adventures (Bennett 43). The Scottsdale public arts exhibition has been used for several years to show the historical background and cultural heritage of the city. In this exhibition conducted in partnership with the Scottsdale public library, the educational and cultural riches of the city are made available and open to the public for viewing. These programs have been used to create public awareness of the art and increase public interest towards the cultural developments that have been witnessed in the city (Higgins 24). In this journey across the city of Scottsdale, the magnificent roads, rail network and the tradition prehistoric sites will be visited to provide a clear picture of the city today and in the past. The Scottsdale seen today that is characterized by a number of skyscrapers was not present a century ago and this progress in the development of proper housing structure began with the struggles of the forefathers. The town of Arizona has fences built around different homes and buildings, a feature to highlight the need for security to protect our homes and villages. These fences are made from decorative structures which form part of the beautiful landscape that we see today in different parts of the city (Farquhar 2). The kolaces, the spaetzle and the perogie that is a common diet for most of the people around the city of Scottsdale has a tradition background with this place. The culture of the old Scottsdale has thus influenced the eating habits of the present Scottsdale. The recipes, menus and the ceremonies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Scottsdale Journey Stories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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