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Ecological Footprints - Essay Example

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Institution Date Ecological Footprints Civilization and human activities have a huge impact on nature as human beings require the resources provided by nature for their living and day-to-day activities. With increasing population and human activity on earth, there are possibilities of constraints or depletion of available resources due to overexploitation, which may bring about an imbalance in the universe…
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Ecological Footprints
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Extract of sample "Ecological Footprints"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will explore the concept of ecological footprint as applied in the universe today to monitor the relationship between humanity and nature. First and foremost, the paper will look into what is ecological footprints and then focus on the importance of this concept and lastly explore the strengths, benefits as well as the weaknesses of the concept. Ecological footprint is the metric tool that allows us to evaluate human pressure on the universe and it is defined as a measure of the load imposed on nature by a given population (Spellerberg 108). It can also be defined as the estimate of the land area or land equivalent necessary to sustain current levels of resource consumption and waste assimilation for a given population, where land is the area of the environment including the aquatic habitat (Spellerberg 108). It is for instance estimated that the earth today takes about one year and six months to regenerate the resources used up by humanity and to assimilate the waste produced (“Global Footprint Network”). ...
this way, the concept provides a simple way for comparison between the demand for natural resources and the ability of nature to provide, bio capacity. When there is increased ecological footprint, there is increased demand for resources than the capacity of nature to provide and this creates a deficit/gap commonly referred to as overshoot. The world ecological footprint is described to have increased by 50% between the year 1970 and 1997, an increase of about 1.5% per year and the living planet index decreased by about 33% (Spellerberg 108). Overshoot is one of the most underestimated threats to the human population and it is maintained through the utilization of nature in a manner that is not sustainable (Smith 10). The concept of ecological footprint is very useful to the human race and the universe in general as it helps to monitor the use of ecological resources and foster advancements in sustainable development. By measuring the ecological footprint of a certain population be it individuals, a state, a business or even humanity in general, we can be able to evaluate the pressure we are exerting on the planet and take caution. We will be able to utilize the available resources more wisely and also take individual and even collective initiatives to support and improve the ecological habitat of humanity. A UN projection study for instance shows that if the recent consumption model continues, by the year 2030, humanity will need the equivalent of two Earths to sustain itself (“Global Footprint Network”). The concept is very instrumental in helping the society deal with the problems that arise from overshoot whereby people are converting resources into waste faster than the waste can be put back into resource. The results of overshoot are devastating to humanity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ecological Footprints Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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... An ecological footprint is an accounting tool used in the management of resources that measures how much we use, who uses what and what quality of nature we have. Creating ecological limits when making decisions regarding our enables us to live within the limits the quiz estimates imposed on us by the planet, so that we have a planet which can sustain all of us, without causing an overshoot( George, 2006). A footprint calculator enables an individual to determine how much of nature is required to sustain their lifestyle. Ultimately we need to live a lifestyle whereby the ecosystem is able to absorb the wastes we emit, without leading to environmental degradation. The footprint calculator will be determined by the daily choices we make...
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... Having participated in the footprint quiz, I can define ecological footprint as the collective measure of human demand on the ecosystem, that is, the interdependence of both the living (animals, plants and microbes) and the nonliving component consisting of natural resources like air, water and the earth’s crust. Ecological footprint seeks to critically evaluate how the interactions of these living things impact on the nonliving component; for instance, how the energy that flows throughout the ecosystem is primarily derived from the sun, directed to the plants through photosynthesis, how the plants provide the oxygen and carbon component, how the plants feeds the humans and how the resulting effects of humans depending on the interactions...
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.../workforce in very low price range. Between the supplier and the consumer, they take advantage of the monetary aspect, thus ending up exploiting the environment. Furthermore, The World Revolution (n. d.) says, "According to United Nations figures, 20% of the population of the world, the majority who live in the North, consume 80% of the planet's natural resources." Third, because of this imbalance, we are now suffering from the effects we have caused to the Earth. The greenhouse effect is all the more causing the global warming that is now one of the major problems all over the world. My Ecological Footprint Using the Ecological Footprint Quiz of Earth Day Network, here are the results of my overall consumption: food - 4.9%; mobility...
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...Ecological footprints Introduction: The depletion of the natural resources in the environment with man’s continued exploitation is becoming an increased source of concern, especially because these natural resources are not unlimited. In the race to save the Planet for the survival of future generations, it has become apparent that every individual needs to exercise responsibility and develop ecological citizenship, or a sense of responsibility towards the preservation of Mother Earth and her resources. The concept of the ecological footprint has been developed in order to attempt to control the rate of individual man’s exploitation of natural resources, but the question that arises in this context is: can the ecological footprint support...
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According to the American Meteorological Society (AMS, 2007), the direct human impact on the climate change is through the enhanced concentration of trace gases such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and water vapor which, collectively, are known as the greenhouse gases. With the enhanced amounts of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere, the infrared radiation emitted by the earth and its atmosphere is blocked by the thickening blanket of greenhouse gases, resulting to increased warmth in the earth’s temperature in its attempt to equalize the incoming and outgoing flows of energy.
AMS (2007) further reports that Carbon dioxide (CO₂) accounts for about half of the human-induced greenhou...
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.... At the same time, communities and society need to grow in their concern and understanding about the environment while providing more access to resources that provide sustainability and lower numbers in ecological footprints. Concept of the Ecological Footprint There are several concepts and factors that are attributed to the ecological footprint. The main concept is based on the behaviors, social expectations and trends that are within a culture. The amount of knowledge that one has about the environment also creates a different approach to the ecological footprint that is used. The first factor that determines an ecological footprint is based on the capacity that a human has to use different types of resources and how this directly...
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...Computing Footprints In week 6 class, Prof. Norris discussed the two articles we have read and demonstrated how a spreadsheet will be helpful to compute our footprints, involving use of bottom up life cycle assessment data. One of the articles had the main punch line that three sectors of economy viz., housing, transport and food together account for 50% of household spending on the average, and at the same time account for 70-75% of climate change and often other impacts. The rest of the paper is more on methodology side, essentially supporting this finding. This finding is valid for different countries, different cities, and even different continents. Further, it is also valid across different methodologies and in particular across...
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...Ecological services Ecological services Introduction Ecological services are the benefits obtained from a healthy ecosystem. These services carry a lot of vitality to the survival of all living organisms. Ecological services control numerous aspects of the environment. Ecological services include: The moderation of weather and temperature, Seed dispersal and flower pollination, Pest control in agriculture, Nutrients circulation and movement, Waste decomposition, Purification of water and air, Floods and drought mitigation, Detoxification of waste, Prevents erosion of costal shores and stream channels, Stabilizes the climate, Regulates organisms carrying disease, Ensures the maintenance of biodiversity (Miller & Spoolman, 2012). All...
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... Ecological Design Summary of the book The introduction section of the book highlighted the importance of finding ways ofliving and resource exploitation that do not cause a huge environmental impact. The emphasis is made, and the rationale for the improvisation and development of strategies for reducing the impact of human activities includes that it helps increase the sustainability of society and its systems. At the content section of the book, the authors highlight that there are various guiding principles. The guiding principles offer guidance on the ways of exploiting natural resources, formulating construction designs and the sources of inspiration to inform design development (Van Der Ryn and Cohen 27). The first guiding principle...
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...Ecological Services Whichever beneficial naturally occurring process which arises from ecosystems that are in good physical shape including purification of the air and water, waste decomposition and plants pollination. The conception of ecological systems has several dimensions in educational circles and even strategy circles. Nevertheless, the prevailing understanding of the concept of ecological services has its basis on some themes. According to the UK Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) (2007), there is no uniform way of categorization of the ecological services. However, there can be simple descriptions, which include the existence of; Matlock & Morgan (2010) argue that naturally occurring resources...
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...Ecological Footprints Section 1 In order meet our daily human activities, we have to consume resources and produce waste. For our survival, Mother Nature must have the capacity to meet these demands, failure to which, the planet earth will be an unbearable place to live. Biocapacity is the natural production area available to provide resources we use and to enthrall our waste. The ecological footprint refers to the measure of human demand about the environment ( The comparison between Biocapacity and ecological footprints gives us the ability to know if we are under the correct measures or not. Everyone has an ecological footprint. However, it varies from person to person considering the consumption...
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Ecological Disaster of Brukunga Mine

Based on the results, the water that comes from the AMD Dam has the worst water quality of the area.
Industrialization and other forms of human activities are adversely affecting bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, oceans and groundwater. Constantly increasing human population triggers the excessive content of chemicals in our water system (Pimentel et al., 1998). Among the common water pollutants that contribute to the degradation of our water supply are: heavy metals, organic toxins, oils, nutrients, and other solid wastes.
Pollutants in water include a wide spectrum of chemicals and other harmful substances (Muskie, 1978). Many times, these chemical substances are toxic and could result in health risks. For many...
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The Quality Of Water in Our Ecological System

The first article is titled ‘Water quality report targets phosphorus’ and it has been written by Susan Milton for the Cape Cod Times. It is a recent article since it first appeared in the month of August 2007 and there are several implied messages in the article itself. The first one which comes across directly within the title is the idea that phosphorus can hurt the quality of water in a region and the writer is quick to note that, “If you want an easy way to help the environment, use a phosphorus-free dishwashing detergent (Milton, 2007, Pg. 1)”.

It is indeed quite successful in passing on this message because the readers are given results of a scientific study which shows that chemicals such...
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...Sustainable/Ecological Housing fabric Introduction When the SAP calculation was introduced into the Building Regulations in 1995, itwas easier to score more points (ie a higher SAP rating) by specifying an efficient heating system than by improving the building envelope. In the Code for Sustainable Homes today, greater emphasis is given to the construction of the fabric. Thermal mass, the type and position of insulation, cold bridging and infiltration are important design elements to consider for instance. The architecture of new housing in the UK may also be fundamentally different to traditional housing, as demonstrated by projects like BedZed in Surrey and the Tree House in Clapham, South London. However, the sense of place suggested...
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While such developments are partially true there is also another side to the story. While the advanced nations of hemispheric West have had benign consequences as a result of globalization, key human development parameters of most Third World countries have fallen proportionately. Hence, it is difficult to present a blanket view of the impact of globalization on public health. In light of this fact, this essay will attempt to attain a nuanced understanding of globalization’s overall effect on public health outcomes across the world, looking at how globalization and free trade affect both advanced post-industrial and developing nations. This is done by way of perusing authentic scholarship on the subject, looking at such issu...
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...Ecological Modernization and Corporate Social Responsibility Introduction Ecological modernization is founded on a concept that requires a measure of environmental consciousness in the approach to technology and innovation.1 Corporate social responsibility is a term used to refer to initiatives and discretionary practices by corporate citizens for the well-being of communities via corporate resources.2 Since corporate social responsibility calculates a company’s success by virtue of a “triple bottom line”, namely, the financial bottom line, its social bottom line and its environmental bottom line,3 ecological modernization may function as a basis for an equivalent policy paradigm for corporate social responsibility. The main question...
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...Tourism’s Influence on Ecological and Social Conditions in Tanzania. Tanzania is an African country that is rich in natural resources and has a cultural heritage that encompasses the origin of all humanity (Mabulla, 2000). Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, the Olduvai Gorge and the beaches of Zanzibar provide a setting that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Tourism in Tanzania is based in the country’s natural assets, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism attempts to achieve sustainable development that both protects its natural resources and improves the lives of the people who live there (Kulindwa, 2002) . There are some inherent conflicts among the stake holders invested in the tourism...
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...Social Ecological Theory and Social Learning Theory: Domestic Violence Introduction Violence in the society comes in many forms and each is perpetrated by a person or persons on another or others. The violent acts conducted are meant to make the victim submit to acting in a certain manner and this is by force as the term violence suggests. In this paper the type of violence to be looked into is Domestic Violence and in this regard two theories shall be explored; Social ecological theory and social learning theory. Domestic violence is a common occurrence in many homes the world over, in developing and developed countries (Sykes and David 1957). Domestic violence is taken to be the situation where abuse has resulted into physical attack...
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A Meta-Analysis of Transcriptomic Footprints Disclose Specificity of Reactive Oxygen Species Signaling in Arabidopsis Study

... radical (O2_). In this study, transgenic Arabidopsis plants were produced which had compromised levels of certain anti-oxidant enzymes. This in turn produced a mutation wherein the conditional and fluorescent mutant functioned as the means and the tools and provided the basis to assess specific effects of the ROS signalling, because they provided quantifiable measures. The fluorescence was akin to a transcriptomatic footprint that could be used to detect the individual ROS scavenging enzymes. These transriptomatic footprints, as they travelled downstream, were evident because the enzymes used to generate them went through specific alterations in their expression by the ROS and highlighted the pathways which serve as the points where ROS...
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Sociocultural and Ecological Human Developmental Theories

Various theories such as psychoanalytic, cognitive, learning, and ecological theories have been advanced to explain how humans develop and continue to develop. This paper will evaluate two major theories: a -sociocultural theory which is one of the cognitive theories and ecological theory.
The sociocultural theory was advanced by Lev Vygotsky though he died before his theory was fully developed (Shaffer, 2009). He focused on the cognitive development of children which he believed is achieved through social interactions with parents, teachers, peers, and more knowledgeable persons. Every aspect of a child’s development is guided by cultural values and skills conveyed by adults hence according to him, development is an appr...
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