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Sustainable Development in Toronto: Regent Park Case - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that global migration to Toronto has led to the city transforming following urban nationality prototypes that have newly emerged. European and North American cities have been reported to initiate several programs intending to improve their sustain the availability of necessary sources…
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Sustainable Development in Toronto: Regent Park Case
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Extract of sample "Sustainable Development in Toronto: Regent Park Case"

Download file to see previous pages he Research: Research Questions: The aim of the present study is to obtain an understanding on the sustainable development in the city of Toronto considering the case of the Regent Park. Considering the case of the Regent Park in the city, although it was built as one of the largest housing projects in the city developed by the government, yet the growing rates of crime in the area has turned it into a region that can be considered as equivalent to slums or a highly sub-standard area within the city. Thus human beings living in the area are encountered with problems of employee insurances, security issues, and assistance from the society, leading to poverty as well as environmental stress for the individuals in the area. Thus the focus of the research is to obtain certain measures that can be developed to improve the living standards of the people in the area and achieve sustainability of the environment and available resources. Sustainable Development in Toronto: Connecting the History: The history of sustainable development can be dated back to 1972 when international organizations like the United Nations started considering the need for sustaining the quality and resources of the living environment. It was noted by the United Nations Conferences that the increasing population across the world has been depleting the available resources. Thus management in the use of such resources became necessary. Several environmental protection agencies started to be established along with the development of World Conservation Strategy. In the year 1987, the Brundtland Commission established a report focusing on the intricacy of sustainable development associated with the increasing change in climate and environment. It was focused in here that it was the human beings whose...
This essay stresses that the city has taken the matter of climate change considerably and hence focuses on addressing the challenges of sustaining environmental resources and the quality of life in the city for its citizens. If the history is studied this city has reflected significant leadership in managing changes in climate. The city has acted upon developing the ‘Climate Change, Clean Air and Sustainable Energy Action Plan’ that focuses on achieving a materialistic plan for improving the quality of environment in the city. Plans for sustaining the available energy sources in the city have also been effectively considered.
This paper makes a conclusion that sustainable development has taken a significant place of importance in different countries and cities across the world, particularly with the increasing need to sustain the conditions of the environment for quality living and the available sources and facilities. While the concept has been into existence since a long time, the focus has been placed more in the recent years where different countries are effectively trying to develop new plans for sustainable development. As the case of Regent Park in Toronto has been considered for the study, it could be obtained that although one of the largest housing projects was developed in the 1950s in Canada, yet the sustainability of the housing could not have been achieved if the plan for revitalization was not considered. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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