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PHYX/GEO-3150 - Assignment Example

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Author’s Name Subject Date ASSIGNMENT 1A) Oil has a specific gravity equivalent to 0.88.Thus one liter of oil weighs 0.88 kilograms. One barrel of oil is equivalent to 158.987 liters. Thus one barrel of oil is equivalent to: 158.987 liters multiplied by 0.88; this gives a value of 139.9 kilograms…
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Download file to see previous pages This gives 4.2885 pounds. Thus 4.2885 lbs per ton. For Co2: We have a value of 660lbs per barrel. Thus 660lbs per 139.9kilograms. What about in 1,000kilograms (one tonne)? (1,000 multiplied by 660) divided by 139.9.It gives a value of 4,717pounds.Thus 4,717lbsper tone. Coal: The only values not in pounds per tonne (lbs/ton) are the Co2 values. 2.86 tons/ton. One tonne is equivalent to 2,204.62 pounds. Thus 2.86 multiplied by 2,204.62, gives a value of 6,172.936pounds. Thus 6,172.936lbs per tonne. Natural Gas: The values for Carbon dioxide are 120pounds per 1,000feet cubed. What is the value for one pound, if 120 pounds are equivalent to 1,000 feet cubed? (1 multiplied by 1,000) divided by 120.This gives a value of 8.33feet cubed. From standard equivalents;One tonne is equivalent to 40 feet cubed. Thus if one pounds (lbs) is equivalent to 8.3 feet cubed, what about 40feet cubed? (40 multiplied by 1) divided by 8.3=4.819pounds (lbs). That is 4.819lbspertonne. Cumulative addition on the pollutants: Coal has the highest cumulative on the pollutants. Thus Coal has the highest level of pollutants. Other pollutants produced by oil and natural gas include benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes, n-hexane, and volatile organic compounds. But there cumulative effects are not as large as those from Coal. 1B) Oil: 5.8 million Btu per barrel of oil. The carbon dioxide produced is 660 pounds per barrel. Thus if5.8 million Btu equates to 660 pounds; what about one pound? (1*5.8million) divided by 660, gives us 8,787btu per pound of Co2 produced. Coal: 22.4million Btu per tonne. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is 6,172.936pounds per tonne. Thus 22.4million Btu equates to 6,172.936pounds, what about one pound? (1*22.4million) divided by 6,172.936. This gives us a value of 3,628.74btu per pound of Co2 produced. Natural Gas: One million Btu per 1,000feet cubed. Also an amount of 120 pounds per 1000feet cubed. Thus 1million Btu is equivalent to 120 pounds, What about one pound? (1*1,000,000) divided by 120, gives us 8,333.33btu per pound of Co2 produced. The best in terms of amount of energy released relative to the amount of Co2 is Oil. The worst in terms of energy released relative to the amount of Co2, is Coal. Short term measure: Reduce the production and combustion of coal. : Initiate air filters in factories, to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released to the environment during production and combustion 2. One megawatt is equivalent to 1,000 kilowatts. Thus 47,000megawatts will be equivalent to 47,000,000 kilowattts. Wind blows 8hours a day. One house requires 25 kilowatts per hour. Thus in 8 hours, one house will require 200kilowatts. If one house= 200kw, Then 47million kilowatts will serve; 47,000,000kwdivided by 200kw. 235,000 houses 3. One megawatt is equivalent to 1,000kilowatts.Thus 845 megawatts equals 845,000kilowatts.The wind only blows for 8 hours, thus we can assume that electricity is only available for 8hours.Lets assume that a typical household consumes 25kwper hour. Thus for one household, they will consume 200 kilowatts in 8hours.This amounts to 200kw*10cents, giving us 2,000cents from one household, in 8 hours. Let’s assume that 100 cents make a dollar. Thus in 8 hours, one household will fetch 20 dollars. The total number of houses that can be served ;( 845,000Kw divided by 200Kw) equals 4225 households. One household fetches 20 dollars, what about 4,225households? 4,225*20dollars gives us ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PHYX/GEO-3150 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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