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Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement Instructions on Geographical Issues - Essay Example

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In this newspaper article, Foster has navigated to the Fraser River located in British Columbia with numerous numbers of sockeye salmon that struggle to swim upstream of the river to the spawn and covers a distance of 4000-5000 miles away on the southern direction of the river. …
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Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement Instructions on Geographical Issues
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Extract of sample "Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement Instructions on Geographical Issues"

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The author tries to prove the hypothesis that fish can be used as a navigation tool through various researches done by scientists and navigators. National Research Council, Committee on Precursor Measurements Necessary to Support Human Operations on the Surface of Mars et. Al. Safe on Mars: Precursor Measurements Necessary to Support Human Operations on the Martian Surface. United States, US: National Academies Press, 2002 The astronauts that have landed to the planet mars explain the different hazards posed by the planets terrain. These hazards have different forms such as radiations, geological and the hazards posed by the atmospheric dynamics, which necessitate the study of the hazards to ensure astronauts’ safety while in the planet and their journey back to avoid contamination of the return vehicles. The chemical environmental hazards posed by planet mars are presented, which include the understanding of the between interaction of the Martian soil and the airborne dusts with an astronaut and the equipment that are critical, establishing the risk standards, and the toxicity levels of the Martian atmospheric gases.
Passing quite a large number of countries, the equator is a major attraction site for many tourists who refer to it as the center of the universe. Neuman explores the San Antonio De Pichincha, Ecuador Park that reveals that the equator is hundreds feet to the northern direction, a fact that has been doubted by many tourists who visit the equator. Neuman uses the park in this newspaper article to study how the equator runs where the path it follows leads to a land traversed by a ravine, which possess a great danger to the construction of monuments; hence, the park’s monument was located in a different area that was initially 100 feet then reconstructed to 800 feet. To ascertain the amazing facts of the equator, a number of scientific research such as “Measure of the Earth” alongside with the tourists who get to the site describes the monument in the park. Flint, Warren. “Water Resource sustainability Management: Thinking like a Watershed”. Annals of arid zone 45(3 &4) (2006):399-423. Print The journal explains the importance and management practices of the most important element, water, with cited examples all over the world and the effects that the functionality intact and biologically compound ecosystems the element has to the society. Sustainability anchors of aquatic systems presented and analyzed indicate the need to determine the effect they pose to the society’s factor such as health, integrity, and function ability. The watershed improvement strategy, from tradition, starts from the stage of focusing on the specific causes of water pollution ton containing the sources to ensure natural resource protection, social well-being, and preservation of ecological integrity. Flint describes the process that leads to a sustainable watershed natural defined hydrology preservation methods that involves and require a multi-dimension approach of thinking, which results to environmental pay-offs and economic benefits the society with most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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