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Geography of Region - Term Paper Example

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Geography of Region Phuket Location Phuket, most populated and largest island of Thailand (also known as The Land of Smiles) is situated approximately Eight hundred and twenty kilometers on the Southern side of Bangkok…
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Geography of Region Term Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Many small islands surround the Phuket Island which increases the land area of the island to a further seventy kilometers. Phuket is alienated from mainland Thailand in the northern most part by Chong Pak Phra Chanel; there is a land bridge is situated which is a source of connection between the mainland Thailand and Phuket Island. Strategically, Phuket Island deems great importance as its airfield and sea harbor is halfway between Singapore and Rangoon (Stripp, 1989). Due to its location, it is best suited for any future re-takeover of Malaya by the British. The location of Phuket Island, somewhat between Asia, Africa and Austrailia, makes it an ideal place for tourism, sea-food delicacies and water sports as well. On the Southern coast of Andaman Island, it is the quieter half of the seas. Due to its location, it is crowded almost all around the year. The warm waters of Andaman Sea are part of the Indian Ocean, which is located south of Burma, hence the name Burma Sea, is in the western side of Thailand. It is on the southeastern side of the Bay of Bengal and serves as a significant site for coral reefs and tourism. ( Murthy, 2007) Place The island is mostly covered by mountains and is surrounded by various mountain ranges. Approximately seventy percent of the island has mountains. A mountain range runs from north to south in the west of the island. Phuket mountain range is formed at the south of the island; this rande is approximately four hundred and forty kilometers (two hundred and seventy miles) from Kra Isthmus. The highest point of the island is known as Twelve Canes (Mai Thao Sip) which is about one thousand, seven hundred and thirty six feet (five hundred and twenty nine meters) well above sea level. The whole area of Phuket is very hilly in nature. Only a few of the peaks are above the height of five hundred meters; the highest peak is about five hundred and twenty nine meters of Mai Tao Sipsong. Most of the peaks are covered by lush green trees. The lowlands comprise of pineapple, coconut, rubber plantations, and paddies of rice. They cover almost sixty percent of the area of the island. It also has a major portion of rainforest (almost twenty kilometer square) which is now preserved as the Khao Phra Thaeo Park. The lowlands most highest pont is Khao Prathiu which is about three hundred and eighty four metres (about one thousand, two hundred and sixty feet); then the second one is Khao Bang Pae which is about three hundred and eighty eight meters (Around one thousand, two hundred and seventy three feet) and the lowest of three is four hundred and twenty two meters which is called Khao Phara and is about one thousand, three hundred and eighty five feet. Sirinat National Part on the north west shore covers an area of about ninety kilometer square (about thirty five square miles) and covers a total of sixty eight kilometers (forty two miles) of marine region; it also comprises of the area of Nai Yang coast where the sea turtles come to lay eggs. Most of the enchanting beaches are sited on the western coast of the island. They are separated by headlands and rocky coves. The East coast, however, is made up of limestone shoals with only some sandy beaches. It is muddy in nature. It is the remaining thirty percent of the island that is plains. These beaches are decorated by extravagant limestone that further beautifies the place. Coral reefs or coral gardens adorn the beaches as huge varieties of marine life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Geography of Region Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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