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Having never been to Thailand, I decided it was time for a change and that Thailand would be on my itinerary on my next trip. I researched possible locations to visit, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, but eventually my interests fell on Phuket. After my homework on Phuket, I had the impression of a marvelous island…
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Pleasing Phuket
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Pleasing Phuket Having never been to Thailand, I decided it was time for a change and made the decision that Thailand would be on my itinerary on mynext trip. I researched possible locations to visit, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, but eventually my interests fell on Phuket. After doing my homework on Phuket, I had the impression of a marvelous island where I could just enjoy myself. So I booked a flight there and I was soon on my way via China Airlines to the place they call “Pearl of the South”.
I landed in Phuket on a cloudy day. Phuket is located in the sparkling, blue waters of the Andaman Sea and only 70 minutes flying from Bangkok (Dorai, 3). Although everybody knows that Phuket is one of the most popular beach destinations in Thailand, there were numerous other places of attraction in Phuket that I did not miss. First, there were the Old Buildings which, built in the Sino-Portuguese style and combined with contemporary architecture, form to produce a unique landmark.
I was also struck by Khao Rang, one of Phuket view points. It is a small hill near the center of Phuket town. This was a good place for me to see the beautiful scene of Phuket town. But for me, Promthep Cape is perhaps the islands best-known location. In the evening, I took a large tour bus up the islands southernmost hill to Phromthep to see the beautiful sunset.
Throughout my 3 days in Phuket, I met more foreigners than local Thais. In fact, there were times I felt as if I was in western country. But this was interesting for me as it allowed me to meet people of all nationalities. In addition, for alcoholic drinkers like me, beers are cheap in Phuket, selling for as low as 20 baht.
Overall Phuket is wonderful place for a holiday. That is why whenever people ask me now when it is the best time to visit, I always tells them, “Anytime”.
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Dorai, Francis. Insight Guide Thailand. USA: Discovery, 2006. Read More
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