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Global Warming: RECENT international movements to address climate change - Essay Example

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Name Class Name Date Global Warming: RECENT international movements to address climate change Climate changes are one of the single most relevant topics that have created a lot of concern in the environment. Today, many people are concerned of the impact of climate change in their lives…
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Global Warming: RECENT international movements to address climate change
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Extract of sample "Global Warming: RECENT international movements to address climate change"

Download file to see previous pages The importance of climate change, especially on issues such as global warming, has created a need for movements aimed at developing strategies to reduce the impact of global warming. To be particular, there some significant movements established to forge ways of combating global warming in various fronts. The climate justice movements, Friends of the Earth International, Stop Global Warming Virtual March are some movements created to address the challenges of global warming. Climate justice movements Climate justice movement is one of the movements established to champion for global climate change. Today, many approaches used by movement aiming at creating awareness on the impact of climate changes. For the case of climate justice movements, it goal has been to create a grassroots support through mobilization of people in the society. Because of this goal, the climate justice movement has centered its efforts to inform activist of information on climate changes across all borders. As an illustration, the climate change justice has used the forums to create a well-informed community of activities and interest groups united with the goal of addressing climate change in society. The focus of climate changes has been to create awareness of climate changes across the world by utilizing communication structures to achieve this goal. In recent conferences, climate change justice has focused on mooting for better communication structures that can enable activists, leaders and nations to share information on climate changes and address issues such as global warming. Friends of the Earth International Friends of the Earth International is another movement that operates in the international scale with a goal of educating society on the effect of climate change, and its effects on human developments. This movement has managed to create offices in many countries where it brings together activists and other small organization in order to work together towards achieving global (Dauncey 45). The movement handles many issues of concern particularly those that touch on the environment in order to create an environment where people take responsible actions in safeguarding their environment. As expected of any green group, the Friends of the Earth International movement has centered its efforts on meeting some of the green initiatives that it has ear marked as central in achieving its goal. As an illustration, the movement has focused in creating awareness on the need of positive use of alternative power sources in the environment in order to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are responsible for increasing levels of global warming. Friends of the Earth International have therefore worked at the grass root level to enhance local awareness and champion for climate change issues. With a global warning being an area that has pulled a lot of interest among climate movement, Friends of the Earth International has placed more emphasis on how nations can average global temperatures. Stop Global Warming Virtual March The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is one of the online movements aimed at creating more online support from grassroots levels on the impact of global warming. Whereas this an online forum that does not provide real interactions between activists, the online collaboration found at the Stop Global War ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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