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Discuss the factors between Denmark and Solomon islands that responsible for increased and decreased growth rates within populat - Essay Example

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Population Growth Rates in Denmark and Solomon Island Date Population Growth Rates in Denmark and Solomon Island Population is the total headcount of individual persons in a defined geographical region otherwise called a country…
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Discuss the factors between Denmark and Solomon islands that responsible for increased and decreased growth rates within populat
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Extract of sample "Discuss the factors between Denmark and Solomon islands that responsible for increased and decreased growth rates within populat"

Population Growth Rates in Denmark and Solomon Island Population Growth Rates in Denmark and Solomon Island Population is the total headcount of individual persons in a defined geographical region otherwise called a country. The head count is done over a defined period of time e.g. a decade and the results compared with the previous data. In the comparison, a deduction is then made as to whether there is an increase or decrease in the population growth. These population trends are different with regard to the economic status of a country in terms of income per capita (Caselli, Wunsch and Vallin 2005). For instance, in this paper, such comparison is made on Denmark and Solomon Islands as countries with high and low income per capita respectively. In relation to the case study of Denmark and Solomon Island, it is construed that the population growth rate is unique from one place to the other. The growth rate in population is the percentage increase in the total population of a given country; it is calculated as the ratio of the increase and previous population expressed as a percentage. When the population decreases, the reverse is said to happen. Many factors are responsible for the circumstances stated above, political stability, birth rate, literacy level and social beliefs are some of the factors that contributes enormously to increase or decrease in the population level (Caselli, Wunsch and Vallin 2005). With references to the latest statistics, Denmark’s population is about 5.2 million. This is about ten times the total population of Solomon Islands which is only 0.56 million (Caselli, Wunsch and Vallin 2005). It is then evidenced that factors influencing the population trend in the two countries might not be the same. That is notwithstanding, the general factors that influences the trends are; economic status of the country, literacy level of the population, the demographic composition of the population and climate. The literacy level help control haphazard population growth in the sense that individuals take long time in school life from possibly grade 1 to the university, one get to be married at advanced age limiting the time one is viable to conceive. This is particularly important in the females, there extended studies would imply that they reduce the fertility period and rate. Climatic factors are equally important in determining population growth rate, regions that can support agricultural activities will lead to bumper harvest ensuring that food security is not compromised. With food security, people will not be scared of how to feed large families, in turn most families will be constituted of six to eight people contributing to the overall increase in population. On the contrary, unfavorable climatic conditions leads to poor agricultural production and individuals are constantly engaged in fending for their families and have no time to be indoors with their spouses (Caselli, Wunsch and Vallin 2005). This leads to reduced growth rate. Countries with stable economy are at risk of experiencing massive population growth rate, this is because of immigration, there is a global search of areas with opportunities, such areas experiences influx in the number of foreigners increasing the population growth rate of that particular country. Economic stability goes in tandem with political stability, people tend to evacuate areas that are hotspots for uprisings and militia attack for tranquil ones. These are referred to as external factors that influence the population of a country (Caselli, Wunsch and Vallin 2005). They reduce and increase population spontaneously. Population growth rate also has a very intimate relationship with the demography. As depicted by the Denmark and Solomon Island, countries with more elderly people than the youth are prone to slow or no population growth at all. Unlike others with a larger proportion of their population composed of the juveniles who are in their prime age and can reproduce the growth rate always remains high (Caselli, Wunsch and Vallin 2005). The disparity can also be experienced when a huge chunk of the population consists of tender age from any of the gender leading to incompatibility. Population growths can results into two major issues one positive and the other negative. On the positive side, increase in the population leads to increase consumption rate in the country, this creates market for different products thus improving the economy. There will also be sufficient laborers hence avoidance of labor importation bringing about favorable balance of trade with other countries. On the other hand, when the economy of a country cannot accommodate the increase, what follows is wide spread unemployment characterized with juvenile delinquency, crime and lawlessness (Caselli, Wunsch and Vallin 2005). It is therefore important that a balance is established between population and facilities to support them. Reference Caselli, G., Guillaume W. & Jacques V. (2005). Demography: Analysis and Synthesis, Four Volume Set: A Treatise in Population. Carlifonia: Academic Press. Print. Read More
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