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Sacrificing Gaddafi - Speech or Presentation Example

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Sacrifice as define by the free dictionary means an act of offering to one’s deity something that is valuable or precious. This could be rather specific but the general meaning would be destruction or the surrender of something for the same of anything else…
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Sacrificing Gaddafi
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Extract of sample "Sacrificing Gaddafi"

Download file to see previous pages One would require a strong motive to do sacrifice. Sacrifice can be positive too if it brings positive benefits as a result. Gaddafi had been oppressing and subjugating the Libyan people, We can no longer live under this evil subjugation, sacrificing Gaddafi would bring positive results. Libya is not like Tunisia or the Egypt it is place which is completely different. In case of distraction it would just split in to several other states. These were the words of son of Gaddafi on the Libya TV on Sunday. Of course he is very right as Libya is neither Egypt nor it is Tunisia. It is a country that is over 600,000 sq. miles and is populated by less than even 7 million. Since, the 1969, it has been the victim of single leadership, a man who has treated it mercilessly by showing cruelty to anyone who speaks against him or the revolution or the regime he was governing. It is a country that is built over the importance of tribal unity though despite the largest oil reserves in Africa, it continues to permit two third of the citizens living under poverty lines. It is a unique country that cannot boast much of its positive bilateral relations with the west or the Europe, as it has only recently made amendments in its relations with the neighbors across the Mediterranean after many years of US and UN imposed sanctions. (Gaddafi: Africa's king of kings) After the cold in 2004, the Europe ties then developed for better. As could be seen Libya became the third biggest oil supplier to European countries, having in the recent years surpassing Saudi Arabia even. The proximity to Europe, relative lack of foreign investment, unexplored terrain gave Libya a deep value a worth of gem equivalence especially for the oil dependent economies of west. (Gaddafi's personal website) The fact that the leader may publicly hang the dissident students was of no greater concern as long as the philosophy of intolerance had extended to, adequately suppressed, the supposed "threat" of Islamism. Still the recent events have just forced world leaders to just re- examine the relationship with the distorted regime. Accounts of the unprovoked sniper attacks on the peaceful demonstrators, use of the violent foreign mercenaries as means of the crowd control, live ammunition being shot in to crowds of protesters, along with the media black-out that tried (un-successfully) to prevent world from finding out the truth This has brought about fresh focus and attention to plight of the Libyan people along with the reaction of their in-humane leader.(Freedom 2011) As he had addressed the nation, Gaddafi’s feebly masked threats were then received angrily by the protesters in the streets. His claims in regard to the celebrations of people of Darnah, Benghazi and al-Bayda were brought about by drunk and drugged youngster led to the furious chanting plus jeering against the Gaddafi and his son. Gaddafi’s warnings of possibility of civil war and separatism evoked slogans emphasizing the unity of Libyan people and their intention to support one another till they achieved victory.( A new flag flies in the east) The strengthened protest is one of the case in point. Having been silent for a specific period or the beginning periods the Libyan people then made it to the streets in much of the increasing numbers their final destination became the presidential house. However, the difficulties have gone beyond this. Reports of helicopters bombing protestors as well as forcing them out of city centre apartment blocks in order to make room for snipers are also confirmed by those very people who were on the ground. If one watches from their house they could find Saif’ ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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