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Egyptian Revolution - Essay Example

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The recent Arab revolution is generally referred as facebook revolution bay many political analysts because of the influence facebook like social media exerted upon the Arab world. in fact social media helped Arab world to realize the importance of democracy and many of the…
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Egyptian Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages As in the case of many other Islamic dictators in the Arab world, Gadhafi was also trying to extend his regime as much as possible citing religious reasons. He ruled with iron fist and had no hesitation in executing the opponents. “Many in Libya still remember how Gaddafi used to execute those who opposed him — or those he felt had opposed him — and would leave their bodies hanging from nooses for days as a warning” (Abdulrahim). In fact Gaddafi killed many innocent people even during Ramadan period. Gaddafi had less belief in Islamic principles even though he appeared as a strong believer. Even though Libya is blessed with immense oil resources, the living conditions of majority of the Libyans were pathetic. In fact Gadhafi was looting the wealth of Libya. It is believed that Gadhafi had huge bank deposits in overseas countries. In any case Gadhafi met with the ultimate destiny of many of the similar dictators in the past. This paper explains the impact of economic, political and cultural factors might have on the outcome of the Libyan revolution.
It should be noted that Libya is blessed with immense amount of oil stock as in the case of Iraq. Iraq is already under the control of America and a control over Libya will definitely help America to solve their energy problems up to certain extents. That is why America supported and assisted Libyan revolution wholeheartedly.
Although many people in Libya live in poverty and in poor conditions, Libya is not a poor country. Not only does it have vast oil reserves, it also produces the best quality oil in the world, perfect for refining petroleum that allows goods to be transported from one place to another all over the world. The resources can be used to provide the Libyan poor and workers with better pay, services, living and working conditions, when under Gadaffi, Libya’s wealth went towards the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Egyptian Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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