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Assessment/diagnosis/theory - Case Study Example

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Assessment/Diagnosis/Theory Overview of Case As a 32 year old Asian-American female, Betsy presents with several challenges. She is exhibiting symptoms of depression, tells of a substance abuse addiction that she wrestles with and she is easily angered. Betsy has been raised by her maternal grandparents since she was six years old because her mother was a drug addict…
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Download file to see previous pages Betsy was also abusing drugs at that time. Betsy got pregnant but had an abortion. Betsy reports that she has been clean and sober at different times in her life and she also spent time in jail for possession of drugs and selling them. Her sentence was to go to treatment, which she did, and she learned many things, but she still feels the need to use. She says that she feels this way when she becomes depressed or anxious. Currently, she has been sober for two years. Betsy states that she has problems with relationships and attributes part of this to her anger issues. She does not do well on jobs (she has not kept any job for every long) and she tends to fight with her boss and/or her co-workers. In her current job, she has fought with co-workers who she thinks are jealous of her. Also, Betsy appears to have unrealistic ideas of her circumstances. As an example, she talked about people in her current job "turning against her" and "becoming jealous" when she started having a sexual relationship with her boss. She states that her current job is "beneath her" and it is not challenging enough. Betsy is also having problems sleeping at times and then she has trouble getting up for work. She states that she has to drink a lot of coffee to get going. ...
Assessment Whiston (2009) states that accurate assessment is important to the counseling profession because it helps the counselor in assessing the needs of the client. Also, assessment can help in creating an accurate treatment plan for the client. There are several assessments that I would use to gain a better understanding of Betsy. I would begin with asking her more about her history and about her culture. I would feel that it is important to understand how important her Asian culture is for her and whether it is central to her life. The reason I would ask this is because it would give a better understanding of her acculturation. Roy (2009) states that understanding the level of acculturation for multicultural clients is important because it gives a better picture of how the individual lives within the dominant culture. As an example, language difficulty and/or lack of social support can be difficult for an individual who is not from the American culture. Gladding (2009) states that it is important to be flexible in the first interview in order to understand how the individual has acculturated because the viewpoint of what is going on in the counseling situation can change as the counselor gets to know the client. Acculturation can help or hinder a client depending on the level that they have achieved throughout their time in America. When looking at assessments, it is also important to understand that most assessment instruments have been tested on Anglo American clients so as a counselor, it is important to use assessments that have been normed on the client population that we are want to use the instrument on (Association for Assessment in Counseling, 2003). One of the first ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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