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Scenario - Case Study Example

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In promoting environmental-friendly practices, appropriate procedures for minimizing negative environmental impact must be articulated and implemented. However, this effort will be insufficient unless training in those procedures is also implemented and both employees and users of the impacted area are motivated to follow those procedures carefully and consistently…
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Extract of sample "Scenario"

Download file to see previous pages These are the underlying assumptions on which my response is formulated. A consideration of the more obvious problems leads me to suggest that the trash and garbage problem can be quite easily remedied. We will immediately clean up the trash and garbage in the water and land around the docks and restaurant areas, and will install new, durable, brightly colored trash and garbage containers, well-marked and of adequate size. Attractive signs, using a humorous approach (choking boats with emotional expression), will be placed at each trash and garbage can, to invite usage. Discarded items around the repair and maintenance facility will be disposed of properly, off-site, in accordance with the law. The spare parts stored in 55 gallon oil drums will be covered. The greasy muck outside the warehouse doors will be cleaned, and kept clean, and the source evaluated and curtailed. Safety trenches will be installed around areas with liquid storage tanks of paints, solvents, resins and other materials, and these areas will be protected from rain by roofing and, if necessary, enclosure. The safety trenches will be cleaned out regularly to prevent overflow. All toxins and pollutants will be disposed of in compliance with the law. As a boatyard and marina, we need to obtain a generic NPDES permit, which involves the design and implementation of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for Best Management Practices to protect the waterways from toxins contained in the oil, paints and solvents used and inadvertently deposited on our site. A management committee will be appointed to create our plan and apply for the NPDES permit. The application, permit assistance and a sample plan are available online (State of Florida, 2011). The committee will be advised to carefully consult these resources, and also to obtain other technical assistance and mentoring, in support of this project. To obtain proper information, mentoring and technical assistance, both on-site and distance advising, our marina will apply to join The Florida Clean Marina Program (Fish-Tale Marina, 2008) and receive official designation. This will provide structure, consistency and goal orientation to management. In addition, all Area Managers will be directed to carefully familiarize themselves with relevant sections of a supremely useful Marina Environmental Best Management Practices Web Site (New York Sea Grant, 2008), as a model for recommending and implementing new area procedures. Procedures which minimize pollution risk will be evaluated and adopted, including, for example, dustless sanders, tarp enclosures, non-toxic paints, regular fuel tank inspections, thorough draining of fuel tanks prior to waste disposal, using cleaning solvents that are not chlorinated, ammoniated or petroleum-based, proper cleaning and disposal of spills, appropriate management of floor drains, and covered protection from rainfall. Area Management meetings will be held to formally endorse recommended procedures for each area. A Clean Area Award system will be implemented to encourage friendly competition among employees. The monthly award(s) for Cleanest Area(s) will involve a prize of donuts and sugar-free, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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All Legislation Referred to in This Problem Scenario is Fictitious

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Section 2 introduces a new system for the licensing of public houses.  Accordingly, all applicants have to demonstrate martial art skills and ensure that their premises are equipped in a way to minimize disturbance of public order.

Section 3 of the Public Order Act 2006 empowers a newly set up Licensing Agency to award grants to pub licensees who are licensed under the Act. Licensees are invited to apply for grants in...
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