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Proof reading - Essay Example

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Heart of darkness Part II On the second Part of Heart of Darkness, Marlow became interested in Kurtz. The first time he heard about him, was when there were people on the boat talking about Kurtz. In the beginning of the second part, we cannot tell who is Kurtz and what type of a person is he…
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Download file to see previous pages The repetition of the word anything is to prove that there are a lot of things can be done over there. The corruption in Congo allowed people to kill and to do what ever they want. Those people knew that there is no one to judge them. The more time Marlow spend in the Congo, the more darkness he discovered over there. Going more into my reading, I realized that Kurtz is a man the people were scared of. Another thing that was interesting in the second part was the Russian. I always wonder why the Russian was there till I realized that he was helping Kurtz. Chris Hedges' War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning: Katie Pearman What I understood from Chris Hedges “War is a force that Give Us meaning” that Hedges did not mean the physical force where someone get forced to do something. Here the meaning of the force is when we change the meaning of what we have done. Force is more close to our feeling. For example, if someone did a bad thing to me, I might have the feeling that I want to be bad to him. The feeling could be the thing that forced me to be bad. The same thing happened in war where the winner is the hero. If we look to what this hero did in this war, we would find that he killed, wounded, and destroyed his enemy. The people waiting for this hero to come back will make a celebration for this hero and he would be greeted for what he has done. However when you might ask those people about what this soldier has done, they will say that he has defeated the enemy, which is for them different from killing the enemy. Those people have been forced according to Hedge’s book. After reading Chris Hedges book I have changed the way I look at things. Candle Holocaust Museum It was my first time to visit a holocaust museum. During my life so far I have never thought about what the Jew felt during holocaust; I just knew that it happened. Visiting this museum was a new experience to me. When I entered I saw a lot of certificates on the wall. Most of those certificates were for Eva one of the survivor of the holocaust. One of those certificates that belong to Eva Kor who was the “HERO OF FORGIVNESS.” I could not believe that there is someone who will forgive the people who killed his family or fellow members. I believe that Eva deserved this certificate because she had controlled her anger. When I was going over the museum, I found a part for the Nazi that has the Nazi flag and picture of Hitler. The presence of the Nazi section implied that Eva did not forget, but forgave the misdeeds that she had faced. I believe the purpose of this Museum is to educate people on how to forgive others and even a sinner. If people did not forgive each other; fight and war will become a part of their life. Revenge will initiate revenge. Eva is educating people because she want people to know that we as human being shall help each other to have a successful life. Levi ch 1-5 One of the most interesting passage and really close to me was the question that was asked, “If you and your child were going to be killed tomorrow, would you not give him to eat today? (15). My answer to this questing is “I don’t know.” knowing that you will die tomorrow may make someone suffer more than actual death. In this passage there is a child, which mean parents would not only think about them self; they have a child for whom they care and it will make them suffer even more. Levi wants to show what really happened in those death camps. Also, he wants to transmit ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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