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The Youths of Today - Case Study Example

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This case study will revolve around two subjects: today’s youth and Antonio Gramsci’s conceptualization of hegemony. The relation of the two will be discussed. In doing so, the dominant behavior and ideology of today’s youth will be explored and revealed…
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The Youths of Today
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Extract of sample "The Youths of Today"

The Youths of Today Rationale This case study will revolve around two s: today’s youth and Antonio Gramsci’s conceptualization of hegemony. The relation of the two will be discussed. In doing so, the dominant behavior and ideology of today’s youth will be explored and revealed. The dominating behavior and ideology will then be associated to Gramsci’s concept about hegemony. Gramsci’s notion of hegemony actually involves the power of the media in influencing the people’s mind and behavior (Hainsworth, n.d.). Significantly, the youths are the ones primarily influenced by the media (Scheibe, cited in Mazzarella, 2007, p.61). This is to say that the dominant ideology believed in by today’s youth is a product of media’s manipulation. In this sense, “the youths of today” is a good topic to explain and elaborate an aspect of Gramsci’s idea with regard to hegemony. It is believed that the case study can be fully understood by providing a theoretical background, two text-based explanations and one justification from the internet. The theory that is to be cited will serve as a foundation of the case study topic. It will be used as the basis in formulating explanations with regard to the behavior of today’s youth. It will serve as a guide in analyzing how the media manipulates the actions and thoughts of the present generation of youth. According to Robert Yin (2003, p.3), to rely on a theoretical concept is one of the most significant techniques for having a successful case study. It is his contention that the theory will help the researcher develop preliminary ideas at the outset (Yin, 2003). This is especially true in an explanatory case study in which the ultimate aim is to discover more about a topic. It is truly hard for one to be tackling a topic which has many aspects. For this case study topic, to find a theory that will explain the main idea would be beneficial for it will help the researcher create a good analysis. Moreover, it can assist the researcher in finding a good explanation with regard to the idea that he or she has just discovered about the youths of today. It is contended that without a theoretical concept, it would be very difficult for the researcher to develop a good case study. On the other hand, the two text-based explanations are intended to support the theoretical text. It will be presenting the observations and analysis made by two authors about the behavior of today’s youth. The citation of the two-text based information is to be done for the case study to have a formal and scholarly foundation. In every case study, to have scholarly sources is deeply encouraged. To note, scholarly sources are most often impressed with comprehensiveness and credibility. This is to say that a theoretical text alone would not be sufficient to support the case study topic. It is inappropriate for a researcher to base his or her case study solely on a theory. To emphasize, a theory is an idea which will always be subjected to several tests and queries. It is not final and conclusive. It is in this sense, that, reliance on theories is not a good practice for a researcher. A theory must only be used as a guide and not the backbone of the study. In a research endeavor, there has to be formal study, one which is not just a theory. Nonetheless, in this case study, the two text-based explanations will be reflecting the theoretical text. This means that the two text-based explanations will be supporting the chosen theory. Stated in another sense, the theoretical background and the scholarly explanations will go hand in hand in exposing the truth behind the case study topic. In another aspect, it is noteworthy to include a web-based justification. It is claimed that good explanations are not just found in books and other print sources but also in the internet (Cherry, 2010). Having an internet source completes the sources needed to support the case study. The internet can actually be considered as a helpful tool in making a successful case study. It is not just convenient but also very interactive and informative. The information provided in the internet are always available to anyone who wants to have a full grasp of a particular concept. Ultimately, the case study topic is expected to prove Gramsci’s finding about the media’s hegemonic effect to the youths of today. The process in which the media manipulates the thoughts and actions of the youths would also be revealed. Moreover, the case study as designed would unravel the methods in which the youths could counter the manipulative hands of the media. References Cherry, K., 2010. Using the internet for research. [Online] (Updated 5 Apr 2010) Available at: [Accessed 26 April 2011]. Hainsworth, S., n.d. Gramsci’s hegemony theory and the ideological role of the mass media. [Online] Available at: hegemony-theory-ideological-role-mass-media-stuart-hains.html [Accessed 25 April 2011]. Mazzarella, S., 2007. Twenty questions about youth & the media. New York: Peter Lang. Yin, R., 2003. Applications of case study research. California: SAGE. Read More
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