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Raising the Bar by Alvin Reid- - Book Report/Review Example

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the reporter underlines that the research shows that two-thirds of today’s youths are interested in having a meaningful relationship with God. Despite this revelation, less than one-third of them are living in the local church.
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Raising the Bar by Alvin Reid-Book
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Download file to see previous pages The book provides an ardent petition for the church to lay down their standards higher, so as to reinvent the fundamental ways teens and their families are ministered to.
II Chronicles 34 gives an account of the young King Josiah and his reform agenda. The book reveals that Josiah began to seek for the Lord when he was still a teenager at age 16. The book also reveals that Josiah began leading a major reform when he was only 20 years old. According to him, the key to change for his generation was the discovery of the law and not technology or innovation. It is no doubt that technology and innovation have their place. As a contemporary Christian who employs technology and innovation is my daily life, still I would assert that the future of the youth ministry must be based on truth, not innovation or technology.
While thanking God for Pastor Reid who has shown commitment in raising the bar, I believe that youth ministry must provide biblical emphasis to both the evangelizing lost families of the youths who go to church and strengthening of Christian families in the Church. For instance, what could be more valuable to the future of those teens than to see their parents attend church? How many youth ministries or pastors can swank for having many youths who attend their church from unchurched homes? In addition, what more important role could older people have in the church than to bring a student from the unsaved family under their control?
With regard to strengthening Christian families, I am not insinuating that a 22-year-old youth pastor should teach parents how to nurture their youths. I am of the opinion that, despite that youth pastor having no idea with regard to raising of a teen, he can teach the teens how to walk with God, teach the world and can provide resources like strong Christian families as an example to other families to emulate.
It is also worth stressing the thorny debate regarding segregation, which has dominated many churches, including my own. Some advocates for the abolition of such segregation and the entire elimination of youth ministry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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