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Reasons for pursuing a legal educaton, goals on the future, plans upon graduation, and experiences that made me realize - Personal Statement Example

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(Name) (Assignment) (Date) REASON FOR PURSUING LEGAL EDUCATION I am a graduate in Arts and Psychology and currently majoring from FIU. I have been active in the social front for quite some time now. In fact I am familiar with all the aspects of entertainment and multimedia…
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Reasons for pursuing a legal educaton, goals on the future, plans upon graduation, and personal experiences that made me realize
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Extract of sample "Reasons for pursuing a legal educaton, goals on the future, plans upon graduation, and experiences that made me realize"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, I also worked as the co-owner of Triune Studios which produces music for some top selling artists including Madonna and Shakira. Furthermore, I also tried my hand in film production by working as script supervisor and even did scouting services for the director of Next Models, one of the top talent agencies in the world. However, my lack of knowledge about the rules pertaining to entertainment industry is a matter of serious concern for me. I believe it is highly necessary for me now to get some knowledge about entertainment law. During these years, I have noticed one thing that there is an acute deficiency in the number of legal experts who deal with the issues of entertainment industry. . I have my friends who have graduated in law but they still possess relatively less idea about this field. This made me realize the fact that one who specializes in entertainment law is certain to have a lucrative career ahead. From my experience in the music field, I know very well that the legalities in music industry are quite complex in nature including talent agreements with musicians and composers, producer agreements, synchronization rights, intellectual property issues and copyrights. And the film industry has issues like option agreements, finance, chain of title, talent agreements including film directors, actors, composers, production designers, distribution, intellectual property issues and trademark. However, many people in this field have little or no knowledge about these jargons and there is an acute shortage of experts in these fields. I thought about this issue over and over and found that this is my field as there is a large number of factors in my favor. First of all, during my career in film and music industry, I have developed a lot of connections with a large number of people in these fields and I am sure to have a lucrative career being their legal adviser. In fact, I will not have any problem finding clientele as I have a lot of contacts. My knowledge about these fields will help me understand the issues in a better way and studies must be easy for me. Education and entertainment industry are my passions. I already earned graduation in Arts and Psychology. The Arts degree has enormously helped me in improving my performance in the field of entertainment. I admit that it sharpened my skills to a great extent. In addition, my degree in psychology gives me a better understanding of the expectations of the target audience, thus making my productions a huge success. So, where I am lacking severely now is in the matter of legal aspects of this industry and hence, law education has become very essential for me. In fact, it is my desire to produce more films and music videos. As my career and business are growing by leaps and bounds, there is a need to have better understanding of the legal jargons including option agreements, finance, chain of title, talent agreements including film directors, actors, composers, production designers, distribution and intellectual property issues. This knowledge will certainly add a lot to my repertoire and will give me more confidence in my pursuit. Recently, one of my friends in the entertainment industry had a dispute over copyright and it reached the court soon. In that situation, no one in my friend circle had enough knowledge regarding the legalities involved in the issue. Had he got enough knowledge in the issue, he could have avoided such a situation. This incident made me realize the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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