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Gender and Sexuality Online Through Social Media Services - Case Study Example

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This work called "Gender and Sexuality Online Through Social Media Services" describes social media raises awareness and challenge structures of gender power. It outlines gender stereotyping in the Media, demonstrates the people's reaction, their goals, the maim changes and benefits of using the Internet. …
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Extract of sample "Gender and Sexuality Online Through Social Media Services"

Download file to see previous pages He comments that women use media to make their issues heard. Media communication develops the society from the sender to the receiver. Interpersonal networks, such as Twitter, encourage people to practice the knowledge they have gained (2). Communication through the media amplifies the voice, encourages meaningful participation, and encourages social change.
According to Parks and Robertson (234), communication builds trust and forms policies. Geraci in her article “social media and Gender,” indicates that women use social media to express themselves, connect with other people, and reveal their personal lives (1). She also notes that young women of ages 19 to 25 use attractive language in social media. Women also use social media to gossip, express their emotions, conduct business, and market their products online. Research has shown that 6% more women conduct businesses online, and 8% more women than men sell their products online (Geraci 4). On the other hand, men use social media to gather information and influence other people. Through the media, men also increase their status.
Parks and Robertson indicate that media enables people to create personal profiles that define the owner and help in maintaining off-line relationships. Impressions in social media are so important that people change their profile pictures to misrepresent themselves. The attributes in the picture identify the person and represent the social ties in the real world (236). According to Spink (1), parents use websites to monitor their children’s behavior. College students use media to provide personal contentment, participation, and trust.
Journalists working in newsrooms suggest that the presence of more women in the newsroom will not change their professional culture. However, female journalists in the newsrooms are forced to ape male characteristics since they are judged by their male standards. Women victims who feature in most news stories evidence gender inequality in the media. Women are also identified depending on their family status.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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