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Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilation or Liberation by Craig A. Rimmerman - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilation or Liberation by Craig A. Rimmerman" focuses on a comprehensive treatise that explores realities concerning the Lesbian and gay movements in America. The issue resulted in searing conflicts for the past few years. …
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Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilation or Liberation by Craig A. Rimmerman
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Extract of sample "Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilation or Liberation by Craig A. Rimmerman"

Download file to see previous pages The author describes the content of the book in its review when he wrote this, “This new book explores this dilemma in both contemporary and historical contexts, describing the sources of these conflicts, to what extent the conflicts have been resolved, and how they might be resolved in future” (Rimmerman: Review). This book is an attempt from the part of the author to unveil ‘what constitutes movement “effectiveness” and how “effective” the assimilationist and liberationist strategies have been in three contentious policy arenas: the military ban, same-sex marriage, and AIDS’ (Rimmerman: Review). It also evaluates the actions implemented during the time of the presidents Regan, Bush and Clinton; congress; and the Supreme Court to this issue. It has also been observed that these institutions strictly observed the grievances of this movement. The author proposes the viewpoint that

The book entitled The Lesbian and Gay Movements: Assimilation or Liberation? By Craig A. Rimmerman endow with a detailed evaluation of the lesbian and gay movement in the United States. The author had made a conscious effort to explore the conflicts over whether to accept assimilationist or liberationist strategies. One of the major arguments that put forward by the author is that the effectiveness of the assimilationist and liberationist strategies in the three controversial issues; military ban, same-sex marriage, and AIDS. In the case of structure and argument, Rimmerman’s thesis is simple and clearly focused on the subject that both liberationist and assimilationist strategies are needed for the political and cultural development of the state. Researches and studies have proved that many state legislatures and municipal governments have included this issue in their civil right laws and citizens voted for the policies and bills that addressing the rights of lesbian, bisexual and gay citizens. The book evaluates the George W. Bush’s presidency with a look to assessing how political and social opportunities have discussed the lesbian and gay movement’s strategies. Here the reader cannot avoid the fact that the book also needs a feminist perspective in the issue of assimilationist and liberationist strategies in lesbian and gay movements.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilat Book Report/Review, n.d.)
Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilat Book Report/Review.
(Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilat Book Report/Review)
Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilat Book Report/Review.
“Towards the Understanding of The Lesbian and Gay Movements - Assimilat Book Report/Review”.
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