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The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls - Research Proposal Example

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This paper "The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls" discusses the role of both genders in the development of comics through the decades especially after the 1960s can be considered as significant while any potential differentiation should be regarded as of minor importance…
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The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls"

Download file to see previous pages Marvel comics made the first important steps in the particular sector – at the decade of 1960s, the firm presented through its books a series of innovative stories that have until today a significant influence to the public - the characters and the appearance of the stars of Marvel and the other firms that govern the specific sector since the decade of 1960 will be analyzed in the sections that follow. The current paper refers to a specific aspect of the particular sector (comic books): the perspectives of the firms operating in this industry on boys and girls; special reference is made to the change of these perspectives from the 1960s until today. Marvel is used – among other firms – as indicative example of the development of this industry the last four (and more) decades. The completion of this study could not be achieved without the reference to specific examples of comic books – as they have changed through the years especially regarding the issue under examination (perspectives on boys and girls). For this reason, a series of covers of comic books are being presented (in the Appendix section) trying to make clear the changes took place regarding the representation of male and female characters (especially of boys and girls) in the comic books that are being published since 1960 – a reference to recent versions of comic books is also made in order to prove the development of the sector in the period suggested regarding the perspectives on boys and girls. Covers from comics published in many countries like the USA, Britain, New Zealand, and Argentina are presented in the current study. Generally, it is proved that through the years the perspectives on gender, boys and girls, in the publishing industry (referring especially to comics) has been differentiated in accordance with the social and cultural trends of each society but also the personal views of the artist involve (see for example Figure 3 in the Appendix section). In general terms, girls tend to be represented less in the comics industry – it is perhaps because most stories involved in the execution of challenging tasks that requires a significant physical strength – despite the fact that women in comics have been also given extra physical strength (when necessary). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls Research Proposal, n.d.)
The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls Research Proposal.
(The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls Research Proposal)
The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls Research Proposal.
“The Impact of Comic Books on Boys and Girls Research Proposal”.
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